Comments - FAB-Design Cayenne Going to Geneva

Published: Feb 02, 2013
Description: FAB-Design has followed its tuned-Cayenne from 2011 with a brand-new model dubbed the Emperor II, which it plans to debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. A new widebody kit consists of a front spoiler ...
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Zach Gathercole Feb 03, 2013
@mati it never did look right
Ben Taylor Feb 03, 2013
Tooooo much on the front and hate the wheels and the bonnet.. And the back bumper and... The white paint (black only)
Ryan Lopez Feb 03, 2013
No that's just a poor tuner company
Matt Piccolo Feb 02, 2013
Too much IMO, I'll take mine stock
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 02, 2013
I can't remember anything FAB got right... They murdered the 12C.
Brian Lewis Feb 02, 2013
They could at least keep the Porsche badge on. I hate it when they take it looks....wrong
Ahmed Barrasali Feb 02, 2013
Much better than the AUDI Q7
Tyler Wallace Feb 02, 2013
Customizing anything luxury is ugly 90% of the time to me
Ian3 Feb 02, 2013
front bumpers ugly, wheels are great!
Aziz Umarov Feb 02, 2013
I think they ad a lot of useless weight.
David Lee Feb 02, 2013
I still think its sexy, and I'm pretty conservative when it comes to car styling.
Mati Araujo Feb 02, 2013
Yea i agree with both of you it just doesn't look right anymore
Nick Sti Feb 02, 2013
Way over the top. Rear fenders have 0 flow. Front bumper has way too many vents and openings. A Porsche needs to be kept classy
David Guerrero Feb 02, 2013
Too much. Just keep it simple.
Description: Color-matched carbon-fiber options include a rear-view mirror, front lip spoiler and diffuser, while the kit comes in at 16,490 Euros. Completing the exterior mods is a set of 22-inch ten double-spoke...
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Howard Ding Feb 03, 2013
Ryan Lopez Feb 03, 2013
Not worth buy a brz and call it good
Jonny Carter Feb 02, 2013
That's a lot of torque
Justin Johnson Feb 02, 2013
I could do a lot with $20k+ in US money.
Matt Piccolo Feb 02, 2013
Awesome rear, front is too much though
Aziz Umarov Feb 02, 2013
Agree with, mostly thanks to pipes i thinks
Ghaith AL-sharari Feb 02, 2013
Kinda looks like the new Mercedes ML
Tariq Al-Harbi Mar 17, 2013
Wow ....
Howard Ding Feb 03, 2013
I don't like the wheels.
Matt Piccolo Feb 02, 2013
Not liking what they did to the sides
Jason J Roberts Feb 02, 2013
It's ok. The front is too busy for my liking.
Christopher McSween Feb 02, 2013
Tyler Wallace Feb 02, 2013
Spiros Manessis Feb 02, 2013
Not clean.
Jitendra Patel Feb 02, 2013
way over done
Mohammed Adil Feb 02, 2013
Change the wheels. And it looks good
Eric Dare Feb 02, 2013
Definitely looks better in the black, that white doesn't help if at all
Nick Schnee Feb 02, 2013
I kinda like what they did to it. A little overdone, but it's still "sane".
Mason Schelb Feb 02, 2013
Love the matte black
Tyler Richey Feb 03, 2013
If they are going for this type of exhaust tip style they need to work on the spacing consistency. It looks tacky.
Matt Piccolo Feb 02, 2013
Much better than the white
Chris Andrews Feb 02, 2013
Yokohama Parada Spec 2
Adam Thomson Feb 03, 2013
Atleast the interior isn't messed up.
Matt Piccolo Feb 02, 2013
Damn, that looks awesome
Justin Johnson Feb 02, 2013
Is the interior stock? Thanks kinda wild for stock