Comments - Challenger R/T Redline Chicago-Bound

Published: Feb 02, 2013
Description: When Dodge unveiled the Challenger Rallye Redline at last year's Festival of LXs, it's aggressive modern styling was let down by its rather tame 3.6-liter V6. To right that wrong, Dodge has ...
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Larry Martino Feb 02, 2013
If this car lost a few pounds it would break the camaro's spine and kill it as well as break the mustangs jaw
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 02, 2013
The 6.4 hemi is a total animal,, I think it beats the m5 v10.. It's that fast
Curtis Dougan Feb 02, 2013
@haoliang I completely agree!
Haoliang Li Feb 02, 2013
Mustangs and Camaros are pony cars... This is the true muscle car.
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 02, 2013
This car is badass and so are the camaro and mustang. I would wait until the cuda, alpha camaro, and irs mustang come out before I spent my money on one though. The current cars are to much form over function for me
Jerry Townsend Feb 02, 2013
I'll take it! The fact that is so massive and retro-unique is what gets me! It's not like I will be out racing anyway. Most of us will never experience the full limits on most cars anyway...
Ray Moreno Feb 02, 2013
I'd take a camaro any day over this even a that pricing for all those goodies with a mopar t bar shifter...makes me think twice.
Patrick Schalk Feb 02, 2013
I don't care if its not as competitive. It's still a badass car and a blast to drive.
Aaron Crisp Feb 02, 2013
Same here! So excited!
Miguel Jimenez Feb 02, 2013
I can't wait for the 'Cuda!
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Feb 02, 2013
Is not a race but a muscle car to cruise in with a nice body and style
Lou Guerrero Feb 02, 2013
And a cup of coffee. I don't sleep much
Lou Guerrero Feb 02, 2013
I can still make it look like a champ. I'll show up helmet in hand.
Jimmy Case Feb 02, 2013
Too heavy and lacks the suspension to be a real Camaro/mustang competitor.
Craig Lafey Feb 02, 2013
Very nice. Can't wait to see one of these in person.
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 02, 2013
Description: "Redline" features in red over the graphite color scheme and the new Challenger also features a body-color grille surround. Four exterior colors of Billet Silver, Granite Crystal, Bright Wh...
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Brandon Gojenola Nov 09, 2013
This car weighs 4000lbs with a v8. Just as much fat as muscle in this car
Larry Martino Feb 02, 2013
I wish u could get the t shifter on a manual but i to my knowledge u can only get it on auto. Shame bc it looks so bad ass
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 02, 2013
I'm not saying autos are more fun I'm just saying his complaint about added weight is pointless
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 02, 2013
Yea because those three items together might add up to about 5 pounds. Just take a shit and go for a run before you drive the car and it won't matter
Vince DeMasi Feb 02, 2013
So when I read all the "rewards" for dropping horsepower to switch to the auto all I read is added weight
Description: At the back lies a growling performance-tuned low-restriction dual exhaust, while the Challenger R/T Redline comes with a performance-tuned suspension and steering calibration as well as performan...
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Matthew Crighton Feb 02, 2013
Thats not bad.
Jacob Burford Feb 03, 2013
I like this a lot! Better looking than its Chevy and ford rival! IMO
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 02, 2013
Um last time a I checked camaro isn't a small car itself either! Lol
Tyler Wallace Feb 02, 2013
Whoa did u just say to fat and then said something About the Camaro lmao a shame
Gray Conron Feb 02, 2013
Too fat for me. Camaro all the way!!!
Taylor Garry Feb 02, 2013
Yeah you have to slap some fat tires on the back to make these things look decent. And i mean FAT
Kevin Blockley Feb 02, 2013
Nice!! But those tall skinny tires just not doing it Justice.
Patrick Schalk Feb 02, 2013
That grey is pretty awesome
David Tyler Feb 02, 2013
i personally dont like challengers but this one looks mighty fine