Comments - Brabus Unveils Widestar G65 in Qatar

Published: Feb 02, 2013
Description: Renowned Mercedes tuning house Brabus used the 2013 Qatar Motor Show as a platform to unveil an updated version of its Widestar 800, which is now based on the 2013 G65 AMG having first appeared on a G...
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Nicholas Morissette Apr 14, 2013
Hey, Matthew, they already did. Check out the article on the Brabus SL65.
Michael Riley Feb 03, 2013
makes 1000+ but limited to 811 cuz drivetrain can't handle it.
Austin Bride Feb 03, 2013
Limited torque? What does that mean either it makes the 1000+ or 811 right
Ryan Faber Feb 02, 2013
limited to 811 not 812
Matthew van der Linde Feb 02, 2013
Drop this motor in a SL class
Mike Bakhsheshi Feb 05, 2013
Too much chrome! Darker tint would help... Great craftsmanship though.
Nick Schnee Feb 03, 2013
This thing hardly handles stock, I guess they fully removed the steering option now.
Petro Maalouf Feb 03, 2013
I've seen this thing in qatar motorshow, i usualy don't like companies tunning the g class cz i think the stock is enough , but they turned it on in the event hall .... Its something great and crazy
Jackson Michael Feb 02, 2013
They did a great job not ruining it. Props
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 02, 2013
Stock looks better.. Since god creates earth brabus are ruining cars
Tyler Wallace Feb 02, 2013
I don't like
Carlton Salmon Feb 02, 2013
I soooo want one of these...
Rommel Powell Feb 02, 2013
Drew Humphrey Feb 02, 2013
Now that's cool
Description: Brabus also fitted a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust with two twin-exhaust pipes, whose sound is controlled with a button on the steering wheel. Power is sent to a permanent AWD system via a ...
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Nick Schnee Feb 03, 2013
AWD too? Mah gawd.
Description: These make room for an obnoxious set of 23-inch nine double-spoke wheels, while Brabus is also offering an electrically-adjustable Ride Control suspension co-developed with Bilstein. The interior can...
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Nicholas Morissette Apr 14, 2013
Gotta love side pipes. From the Shelby Cobra to this.
Eric Chau Feb 04, 2013
Sweet. Now tats n idea
David Eslava Feb 03, 2013
That is amazing haha
Ryan Faber Feb 02, 2013
yeah that would be f ing cool
A.J. Brady Feb 02, 2013
If that brabus logo is coming from under the door, that is awesome.
Ryan Spencer Feb 02, 2013
Now that is new...