Comments - Red Bull Takes 900HP Race Truck to the Slopes

Published: Feb 19, 2013
Description: We’ve had a number of videos of sportscars driving in the snow lately, but before we wrap it up, we’ve got one more video for you. This one comes from Red Bull, but it’s not from its world-champion F...
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Gabriel Scott Feb 19, 2013
The power/weight must be absolutely nuts
Description: The stunt took advantage of record snowfalls in the northeast, and will probably mark the first and last time a racing truck will run the slopes of Mount Snow. Most drivers, after all, leave their Sub...
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Daniel Levy Feb 20, 2013
900hp just like the mclaren P1
Bren Bracken Feb 19, 2013
Zach that's a 900 Hp race designed trophy truck... I highly doubt a raptor would even put up the slightest fight
Ben Knorr Feb 19, 2013
that thing soaked up 10ft of air like nothing!! Amazing!
Ryan Lopez Feb 19, 2013
R u kinding it's a trophy truck
Zack Kennedy Feb 19, 2013
Raptor would be much faster
Lou Guerrero Feb 20, 2013
Dude, amazing photo. +-
Austin Bride Feb 19, 2013
Too cool