Comments - Fiat Dealers Lining Up for Alfa 4C

Published: Feb 19, 2013
Description: Most automakers entering a new market have to tackle the task of setting up a dealer network first. After all, if there are no dealers, there’s no one to sell their cars. Fortunately for Alfa Romeo, ...
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Tyler Tarbox Feb 19, 2013
That still all depends on the price
Julian Pilinci Feb 19, 2013
Will the customers be lined up as well?
Tim Ranahan Feb 20, 2013
Looks like an Italian Lotus, I like it!
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 19, 2013
Yeah the lights look cheap
Jordan Smith Feb 19, 2013
They shoulda kept the other headlights.
Matt Piccolo Feb 19, 2013
Looks great
Scott Lenahan Feb 19, 2013
I think with a new set of rims and in a dark charcoal color, in person it will be quite a looker.
Julian Pilinci Feb 19, 2013
I am not sure if I like this Alfa until I see one in person.
Troy Kessler Feb 19, 2013
Reminds me of a Toyota mr2
Stanzel Washington Feb 19, 2013
I don't get why they would change the headlights to be exposed with plastic coverings. It looks so bug eyed now.
Tyler Wallace Feb 19, 2013
This is uggggggly
Sam Oglesby Feb 19, 2013
I like it kind lotus Alfa blend
Description: With 1,000 units earmarked for North America and just over 200 Fiat dealerships in place, it would seem that every Fiat showroom would get its chance to sell a 4C or five, but reports now indicate tha...
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Jesse Andersen Feb 20, 2013
Well Chrysler Dealerships in the Midwest won't post 1 sale in Rural areas for a 500, they're impractical. In LA, buy a million look queer, do what ya like. This Alfa is a sweetheart tho.
Tyler Wallace Feb 19, 2013
Why is it squashed
Julian Pilinci Feb 19, 2013
These rims fit better.
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 19, 2013
I like the 4c because it means a little bit of the 8c will live on
Luke Purdy Feb 19, 2013
Didn't like the 4C when the concept was released, but now that it's fully going into production I like it cause it's a great looking little sports car and who doesn't want more sports cars?
Dylan Porteous Feb 19, 2013
Yea I'm not a fan of the 4c at all but can't wait to see the 8c on the streets!
Ashton Summers Feb 19, 2013
Saw one if these in the when I walked past the Ferrari showroom down the street from my old internship and did not go in and look at it. What was I thinking?
Boyd Boudreaux Feb 19, 2013
Now that looks great nice alfo
Zachary Sindelar Feb 19, 2013
I like it!
Tyler Wallace Feb 19, 2013
This is hottttt
Zeus Mocha Feb 19, 2013
Yes for some reason the 4C isn't very appealing.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Feb 19, 2013
Staggeringly pretty...
Lead Peddalin Feb 19, 2013
I like the 8C significantly more than the 4C.
Adam Thomson Feb 20, 2013
I like the Fiat 695 tributo ferrari
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 19, 2013
I like how the black one looks like a classic one
Roman Podrezov Feb 19, 2013
Just bought one. Fun little cars, I recommend.
Greg Kenerly Feb 19, 2013
I like these. If I were in an urban area if do it before Smart or Mini.
Mike Conrad Feb 19, 2013
I'd also drive one.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 19, 2013
I hope you're a girl then
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 19, 2013
I want one