Comments - DRT: Dragster Explodes at 300 MPH

Published: Feb 19, 2013
Description: 2012 drag-racing champion Antron Brown had an incredibly lucky escape during the National Hot Rod Association’s second round of eliminations after his dragster exploded and flipped at 300 mph as he n...
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William Downs Feb 20, 2013
Its called engineering Marlo, that's why it doesn't happen often
Aaron Crisp Feb 19, 2013
Drag Race Tuesdays.
Jommel Marcella Feb 19, 2013
What does DRT mean? Cause I forgot :(
Marlo Viray Jueco Feb 19, 2013
These monstrosities are soooo incredibly highly strung I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. Lucky guy.
Description: The safety canopy that protects the cockpit ensured he came away from the wreckage with just minor injuries. "I am feeling good," Brown said. "I've got some scrapes on my legs, and my back is a little...
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Chris Huff Mar 17, 2013
Theres toyota for you
Daniel Levy Feb 21, 2013
Lol pretty sure no bugatti can go triple the speed let alone even come close in acceleration
Trent Fiala Feb 21, 2013
@Oren, try like about 1/20 the power lol Top fuel dragsters make about 10000 Hp, the number isn't know exactly because there isn't a engine dyno that can handle that power to be able to dyno it but it is estimated to be right around there
Oren Blumenstein Feb 20, 2013
luke, the gtr also has 1/5th of the power
Jesse Medeiros Feb 20, 2013
Toyota!!!!! Go figure, prob had a recall on something!
Byakka Hirakawa Feb 20, 2013
Ch Thats like my life ever day, lol
William Downs Feb 20, 2013
The block is used for more then one race, everything she is replaced, but the blocks do have a race limit I forget how many till its replaced, the blocks are crazy strong and are usually intact after explosions like this
Brian Bonet Feb 20, 2013
That dragster could be dead realy a Bugatti and ultimate aero can go triple the speed
Devin Saint Enzo Feb 20, 2013
Winning doesn't matter. This man is able to walk away from that. Show some passion people.
Dave Sasser Feb 20, 2013
I agree Toyota is junk but it doesn't have anything to do with this dragster and its not a team design motor it is a Cnc machined hemi design motor 100% aluminum block and all and only last one race
Luke Crigger Feb 20, 2013
A stock GT-R could have gone twice as fast without blowing up.
Tim Preisinger Feb 19, 2013
Aaron, I have only been twice... But that's my favorite part! Even if you guys aren't into drag racing, you really should go just once. It's an experience like no other.
Trent Fiala Feb 19, 2013
@Aaron I agree! It's awesome Haha GT-R fanboys would have absolutely no say in this article if there going to talk about the GT-R because that has absolutely nothing to deal with top fuel dragsters Haha
Ashton Summers Feb 19, 2013
Where are the GT-R fanboys?
Aaron Crisp Feb 19, 2013
Lou it's always fun to stand in the tunnel under the track when they run, rumbled the hell out of you.
Trent Fiala Feb 19, 2013
No it's not because its a toyota, that has nothing to do with why that happend Any other one can do the same things and plus this engines have pretty much nothing to do with Toyota all the top dragster teams make there own engines blocks in the own CNN machines which pretty much has nothing to do with Toyota or any of the other brands!
Jimmy Case Feb 19, 2013
It was Toyota that's why! Stick to economy.....
Jimmy Case Feb 19, 2013
Doesn't matter, still won.
Mikey Jenkins Feb 19, 2013
I suppose on the positive note it can be classed as a win he did cross the line first
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 19, 2013
Don't know why car company's don't inspire to this when designing there crumple zones
Joe Mullahey Feb 19, 2013
At least he won...
Janya Pulusu Feb 19, 2013
another reason Honda> Toyota
Lou Guerrero Feb 19, 2013
For those of you who've never been to one of these events, don't stand too close to the burnout box or the staging lights: dragsters burn nitro an it burns you eyes and lungs!
Juan Carreño Feb 19, 2013
Like James Brown, he was feeling good.
Roggina Froggina Feb 19, 2013
That was the scariest thing I have ever seen. It just vaporized and exploded! Did you hear the hick that cheered when it blew?
Pablo Herasme Feb 19, 2013
That went fast
Domenic Sergi-Holt Feb 19, 2013
It's very difficult to describe a Top Fuel dragster. You just have to physically be there and experience it.
Mohamed Alhasan Feb 19, 2013
That's insane , the rear tired just melted
Aaron Crisp Feb 19, 2013
That was crazy! Going to these is always nuts. They are ridiculously fast and loud.
Skyler White Feb 20, 2013
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 19, 2013
Jacob Viiper McCord Feb 19, 2013
Boosters engage!
Lou Guerrero Feb 19, 2013
"This is going to suck."