Comments - Bentley Flying Spur Pops Up Early

Published: Feb 19, 2013
Description: The new 2014 Flying Spur is being hotly tipped to be revealed tomorrow. And given that these leaked images will soon be making their way across cyberspace, we are fully expecting Bentley to give the ...
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Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 20, 2013
Bentley ahhhhh fitty ahhh
Hay Dayz Feb 20, 2013
In person, it stood out so much on the freeway, it sets itself apart from all vehicles on the road. (2013) No tints, just classy.
Taylor Rosello Feb 19, 2013
Looks good to me :)
Jacob Burford Feb 19, 2013
Looks good! I like it!
Malachi Monteiro Feb 19, 2013
I don't like Bentley's shape anymore, it looks very…bloaty.
Pablo Herasme Feb 19, 2013
Now it really looks like it was made by one company
Josh Melhorn Feb 19, 2013
This looks 10x better than the previous model. Bentley did great with it
Jt Collier Feb 19, 2013
the windscreen is a little too reminiscent of the continental, i like it though
Kyle Kloewer Feb 19, 2013
Kyle Kloewer Feb 19, 2013
My fav benty
Tyler Tarbox Feb 19, 2013
Or I guess more like $50K. I thought these were a lot more expensive
Tyler Tarbox Feb 19, 2013
Eh not really feeling it. I'll take a Quattroporte Sport GTS and save $100K
Jack Howard Feb 19, 2013
The car looks timid
Demid Petrov Feb 19, 2013
Looks amazing!
Will Will Feb 19, 2013
The front looks even nicer than i imagined it to be. Good work there. Although if the rolls royce ghost is abt the same price i'd take the rolls.
Max Jabaay Feb 19, 2013
Not a huge fan. Sort of looks like a jag
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Feb 19, 2013
Yeah, I would rather take a 2009 arnage
Vinny Coppola Feb 19, 2013
I'd rather a S65 for the price of this
Zeus Mocha Feb 19, 2013
Agreed Stephan, I hated that about the last design. Overall Continentals are good looking but they are not as unique as they should be. If I were to pick one up it would be the Arnage or Mulsane.
Stephen Cobbs Feb 19, 2013
This one looks way better. The old Flying Spur's front end looked glued on from the Continental GT. This one flows with car way better.
Mike Carbaugh Feb 19, 2013
Wow! That looks like nothing Iv ever seen before!
Tyler Wallace Feb 19, 2013
I love Bentley a lot of people on here don't like Bentley
Gray Conron Feb 19, 2013
It's plain. Just like any Bentley.
Description: There’s a revised front fascia with a more upright grille, the taillights are now positioned horizontally, the door handles have been lowered and the mirrors restyled. The roofline has also been smoot...
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Jon Ashley Feb 19, 2013
something about how the rear fender line meets the roofline. flows nicely
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 19, 2013
Sexy... Dead sexy
Josh Melhorn Feb 19, 2013
Love it
Zalmy Ny Feb 19, 2013
Truly epic
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 19, 2013
Looks great. The entire car flows better than the previous one
Craig Lafey Feb 19, 2013
That looks great!! I saw 2 of these over the weekend (the ones that are out now of course)
Brendon Davis Feb 20, 2013
Shaun: Exactly.They are. I dislike the rear. The front and side profile are fantastic though.
Ian Ragsdale Feb 20, 2013
They do share a platform as well as quite a few components with the Phaeton. That's probably a good thing. The Phaeton was seriously over-engineered.
Tyler Howell Feb 19, 2013
These have always reminded me of the phaeton..
Shaun Conroy Feb 19, 2013
These tailights remind me of the ones on that awful Bentley SUV.
David Lee Feb 19, 2013
This is pure pornography.
darrellbell24 Feb 19, 2013
this is sooooooooooo nice!!!! I know what my next car is lol
Jon Ashley Feb 19, 2013
now that is classy. those widened rear fenders plus the new lights and the oval exhaust tips. nice...
Oliver McIntosh Feb 19, 2013
I love the rear end.
Mikey Jenkins Feb 19, 2013
I like this a lot more smoother and sleeker lines it all fits in very nicely Bentleys ain't meant be shouty loud vehicles there classy and luxurious Super cars are the loud shouty cars these guys who own these use at weekends lol
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 19, 2013
U think this is more of a modern look.. Previous one looked better for the first glance.. This could grow on me tho
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 19, 2013
They make the real much nicer
Will Will Feb 19, 2013
Designed to give it a classic look instead of the modern look on the continental flying spur. Whether it works or not i'll have to see it in person to decide.
Will Will Feb 19, 2013
I really don't know what to think abt the rear though. The lights seem to have come from the exp 9f, which is not very pleasing. It doesn't look as modern or intimidating as the current continental flying spur, but you can tell that the rear was
Justin Harris Feb 19, 2013
It's good but it's just too boring for my taste
Matt Piccolo Feb 19, 2013
Very plain
Ashton Summers Feb 19, 2013
Actually think this works, not as...bubbly as the last one.
Ryan Spencer Feb 19, 2013
Agree with Austin.
Sam Oglesby Feb 19, 2013
Would look better without the silver edging around the lights
David Eslava Feb 19, 2013
Just plain simple and gorgeous.
Chris Gaines Feb 19, 2013
digging that tail
Austin Daggit Feb 19, 2013
the rear end needs different tail lights.
Lee Oleinick Feb 19, 2013
Simple but sophisticated ... Sounds like I just review a wine.
darrellbell24 Feb 19, 2013
I love looks like a classic styled design...
Dylan Bruder Feb 19, 2013
Don't really like the tail light design
Andy Clouthier Feb 19, 2013
Better from this angle.
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 19, 2013
Not sure
Peter Mark Gacek Feb 19, 2013
Shawn Sullivan Feb 19, 2013
Fairly cool how they matched the taillights and the exhaust
Jacob Burford Feb 19, 2013
This is why you buy a Bentley!
Zalmy Ny Feb 19, 2013
Amazing wood
Tara Fitria Feb 19, 2013
Other than that pretty amazing
Tara Fitria Feb 19, 2013
The only thing I'd not pick about is the vw shift lever bezel or whatever it is, I think they should redesign it to differentiate it from the vw
darrellbell24 Mar 02, 2013
@james well for most vehicles (Bentley's) rarely ever come with any extras such those as a standard feature. They usually come with just the basics so I can almost promice that those are an 1800 dollar option...
James Myron Darnell Crabbe Feb 28, 2013
Or is that a certain package?
James Myron Darnell Crabbe Feb 28, 2013
James Myron Darnell Crabbe Feb 28, 2013
Does it come with those screens?
Jacob Burford Feb 19, 2013
If these seats aren't comfy, what isn't!
darrellbell24 Feb 19, 2013
those Tv screens are so sexy!!!
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 19, 2013
I bet they're ridiculously comfortable
Will Will Feb 19, 2013
Those seats don't look confortable enough for a car of this price.
Ashton Summers Feb 19, 2013
Those screens are subtle.