Comments - Rinspeed Wants You to Rethink Mobility

Published: Feb 18, 2013
Description: We're used to seeing Swiss company Rinspeed come up with some interesting concepts over the years, like the Lotus Elise-based 2008 sQuba that can submerge underwater and the Bamboo, an open-topped fo...
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Isaac Ferrari Feb 21, 2013
Sooo gay
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Feb 20, 2013
And I want rinspeed re-think mobility!!
Ryan Duever Feb 19, 2013
Mobility rethought.... This is still crap though
Justin Johnson Feb 19, 2013
Total Recall but in real life lol
Description: A few details and photos were released back in December but now we have more specifics regarding this all-electric urban people mover concept. Measuring in at 3.7 meters long (roughly 12 feet) and 2.2...
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Description: Cyclists can even attach their bikes to the rear end. Although it hasn’t been confirmed for production, Rinspeed claims pricing would likely fall somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 Euros if the microM...
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Lillian Tsai Feb 24, 2013
If this is what the future of mobility holds, then walking may be a better option.
Austin J. Bower Feb 19, 2013
Could they have picked a more annoying background music?
Anthony Perugini Feb 20, 2013
can you imagine your mom dropping you off at elementary school in this? "look he's got his own shortbus!"
Ryan Duever Feb 19, 2013
And when it gets hit it had this feature where it kills all the passengers as it flys through the air