Comments - Porsche Acquires Team ANDIAL

Published: Feb 18, 2013
Description: Porsche is one of the most successful manufacturers in all of motorsport. It has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans more than any other company. Same goes for Sebring, Daytona, the Targa Florio and a variet...
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Nick Schnee Feb 19, 2013
Peugeot actually doesn't compete anymore, but Toyota threw in some LMP1s last year.
Dennis Choong Feb 19, 2013
@ Vince- that was only the past decade. Porsche was the king of Le Mans before they quit the top tier series & started building SUVs. About time they get back to their roots
Vince Cassi Feb 18, 2013
Audi and Peugeot dominate the LMP class.
Colby Church Feb 18, 2013
Ferrari and Mclaren dominate F1 usually. Porsche, Corvette, and Aston Martin usually dominate LeMans.
Bobby Junior Feb 18, 2013
And Ben, Porsche were in F1 in the 50's and 60's before they dropped out.
Paul Trahan Feb 18, 2013
You are correct, Emil. Since F1 inception, Ferrari has participated in every season
Bobby Junior Feb 18, 2013
Actually, Emil, Ferrari were not present at the very first Grand Prix at Silverstone.
Ben Knorr Feb 18, 2013
I wonder if Porsche will ever enter F1.
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Feb 18, 2013
If I'm correct, and i believe I am, Ferrari have started in every single race in formula 1 history
Paul Trahan Feb 18, 2013
McLaren still holds the better win ratio in F1 though.
Paul Trahan Feb 18, 2013
Ferrari in the 50s-70s competed in several firms of racing, but they concentrate all their efforts strictly to F1 now. They still have the most F1 victories out any team, although they have been in the sport longer than any team.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 18, 2013
Ferrari has F1 pedigree
Adam Thomson Feb 20, 2013
This one of the only Porsches that I like.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 18, 2013
The only Porsche I'd have over this is a 917.
Jordan Nishida Feb 18, 2013
Porsche 962
Description: Founded in 1975 by Arnold Wagner, Dieter Inzenhofer and Alwin Springer, ANDIAL has taken championships in IMSA, SCCA, Pikes Peak and Daytona using Stuttgart's finest. These days, with one of the found...
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Jordan Nishida Feb 18, 2013
Love it. Classic porsche 935
Drew Humphrey Feb 18, 2013
Drew Humphrey Feb 18, 2013
Tyson Broadbent Feb 18, 2013
I like it, rear arch looks awesome.
Nick Ricci Feb 18, 2013
That's what he was doing Colby, don't be a dick.
Colby Church Feb 18, 2013
Lol. Speak for yourself Nick.
Wyatt Gordon Feb 18, 2013
Adenis, as long as it's functional...
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 18, 2013
I would prefer it without such a wide kit
Zack Kennedy Feb 18, 2013
Best looking Porsche ever
Taylor Garry Feb 18, 2013
Ha! Sure does
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 18, 2013
Guy on the left looks like Julian from trailer park boys