Comments - Mitsubishi Bringing Two Concepts to Geneva

Published: Feb 18, 2013
Description: Mitsubishi may not be as big as other Japanese automakers like Toyota, Honda or Nissan, but that doesn’t mean it can’t try to keep pace. Especially when it comes to electric vehicles. That’s why Mits...
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Swarun Kulasekaran Feb 19, 2013
I think they need to take a step back from sorry cars. Yes they are fun to drive, but if they want to actually survive in the US market, they are going to sacrifice a couple things cuz right now they are a niche automaker They should take Mazda route
Tyler Tarbox Feb 19, 2013
I was gonna say the same thing Victor. I'm kind of ready to see them go. I would sort of miss the EVO but not really
Victor Pitts Feb 18, 2013
When is this company going to go away?
Nodnarb Ydil Feb 18, 2013
Yeah Mitsubishi really needs to step up their game. Bring something a little more performance-oriented to the table. That excludes the Evo of course
Aaron Crisp Feb 18, 2013
Bring back a 3000GT dammit.
Kyle Kloewer Feb 18, 2013
Who cares about concepts
Description: Although there's little we can tell from the images at this point, what is clear is that each takes a different approach to electric mobility. The curvy gold-tone truck is the GR-HEV, which stands for...
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Tyler Tarbox Feb 19, 2013
Ok well if it's anything like the Avalanche or Ridgeline then it will suck
Dylan Bruder Feb 18, 2013
The truck idea could work well that said since its a mitsubishi I wouldnt own one their value has been dropping fast
Description: The black car with the glowing headlights is the CA-MiEV (Compact Advanced Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle), which aims to take the existing i-MiEV – the world’s first mass-produced EV – in a n...
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Bobaloo Anderson Feb 19, 2013
Front looks like a juke