Comments - Mercedes SL500 by Famous Parts

Published: Feb 18, 2013
Description: Having previously tuned a pre-facelifted 2009 CL63 AMG, German tuner Famous Parts has reworked the previous-gen R230 Mercedes-Benz SL500. Its first course of action was to fit a Prior Design wide bod...
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Tevaun Morgan Feb 19, 2013
One of my favorite Benz of all time. Don't know why they chose to ruin it with the new design now.
Allen Kim Feb 18, 2013
Not too shabby!
Vinny Coppola Feb 18, 2013
The best SL! Long live the R230! They ruined the new one
Otnay Nat Feb 18, 2013
That brake is a giveaway .... Need to upgrade them to look like the black series . Gotta complete the look or it'll be label as a poster
Tyler Wallace Feb 19, 2013
That's bullshit why would they do that
Arick Voigt Feb 18, 2013
This makes him a ricer.
Ryan Spencer Feb 18, 2013
Couldn't agree more. This really bothers me...
Zeus Mocha Feb 18, 2013
Yea this has to go
Thomas Moore Feb 18, 2013
If it's not a real black series they shouldn't front with the badge.
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 18, 2013
Love the chrome dip