Comments - DeLorean Time Machine Restoration Complete

Published: Feb 18, 2013
Description: There were three DeLorean Time Machines built for the famous "Back to the Future" trilogy. The "Hero A" car was the most detailed of the three and was used for all close-up shots in the beloved films...
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Justin Johnson Feb 19, 2013
My ZX6R did 88mph indicated in first gear. So I was really going 58mph
Robin Douglas Dawson Feb 18, 2013
88 miles per hour!!!!!
Nicholas Morissette Feb 18, 2013
By "B" car, you mean the one that was destroyed by the train in BTTF 3? Which, by the way was rigged with explosives to make sure its destruction would be spectacular.
A.J. Brady Feb 18, 2013
What about the "B" car?
Justin Johnson Feb 18, 2013
Has to be one of the most iconic film cars.
Description: The restoration team has been hard at work bringing the A car back to life, and after months of hard work, the restoration is finished (complete with flux capacitor and time circuits) and on display, ...
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Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 18, 2013
Is it me or is the video quality really poor
Austin Marks Feb 18, 2013
So badass I would love to have that
David Parenti Feb 18, 2013
There's also one at Universal Studios Orlando.
Norman Agustin Feb 18, 2013
So this is in the building next to the Transfomers 3D Ride? Must go again before my pass expires.