Comments - Cars That Won't Die: Volkswagen Santana

Published: Feb 18, 2013
Description: If you find yourself hoping right now that someone at Volkswagen was a big enough fan of Carlos Santana that they named a car after him, you aren't alone. Unfortunately, the name is just a coincidenc...
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Ray Liu Feb 19, 2013
Mark I got u
Judah Lindvall Feb 18, 2013
Looking foreword to this!
Zach Gathercole Feb 18, 2013
@tyler that would be a great series
Mark Fei Ling Feb 18, 2013
Santana is really big car compare to other $8600 brand new car in China
Tyler Tarbox Feb 18, 2013
Interesting series. Should do an "Ultimate Sleepers" series at some point. That would be cool.
Tom Melo Feb 18, 2013
My mom had one of this... As a matter of fact, most of Brazilian cars are outdated by decades..
Ashton Summers Feb 18, 2013
Looks like an old Audi, because it was virtually the same thing.
David Lee Feb 18, 2013
It looks better than some of the cheap used crap here in the US
Adam Thomson Feb 18, 2013
I agree it doesnt look bad
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 18, 2013
Its not the worst looking
Description: The B2 Passat was launched in 1981, and before the year had ended, license-built versions were already being made by Nissan for the Japanese market. As with other markets that had license-built cars r...
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Manu Solari Feb 18, 2013
You are right bro, i live in argentina and people here still buy the 2001 jetta with a little facelift ( named bora) because is a cheaper car than the 2010 jetta ( named vento). So we have two vw jetta living in the same market.
Philip Sloane Feb 18, 2013
till the demand for the car died off.
Philip Sloane Feb 18, 2013
Oh dear, should have read on a little more. Still why under licence & not by the cars original developer / creator? I'm assuming to let VW move on to newer models etc but surely would be financially viable to an extent to carry on making the models -
Philip Sloane Feb 18, 2013
Could someone explain what the differences would be to a car built under licence & a car built by in this example the original VW version?
Description: The most significant developments for the Santana took place in Brazil. Volkswagen do Brasil is VW's biggest division in South America by a huge margin, and it is given a fair amount of autonomy to d...
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Michael Beach Feb 18, 2013
Michael Beach Feb 18, 2013
Rollin on them 8'a
Description: Volkswagen had been working with a local partner in China since 1984, and this Chinese division would take a great interest in the Brazilian version of the Santana. So when the Brazilian model split f...
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Description: The Quantum was dropped in 2002 in Brazil and the Santana would finally be dropped in 2006. The modernization of Volkswagen do Brasil is only now finally complete, with the dropping of the Kombi, a wa...
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Mark Fei Ling Feb 18, 2013
VW made 5 generation of Passat selling at same time. That's how u make money
Chris Gaines Feb 19, 2013
I could find a better design in a pile of manure.
Ryan Lopez Feb 19, 2013
I could vomit.a better design
Description: China didn’t have an engine offering which produced more than 100 horsepower until 2008, and this one was just barely into the triple digits. Brazil fared a bit better when it came to power, but it is...
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Mark Fei Ling Feb 18, 2013
They do have engine over 100 before 2008. Santana have 1.8 turbo and 2.0, both pass 100 hp
Description: The current Passat is now being sold in China, so the model will now be a much smaller car. It is built on a stretched version of the PQ25 platform, meaning it will essentially be a slightly bigger VW...
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Logan Delony Feb 18, 2013
@Bobaloo I couldn't tell a difference.. Lmao
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 18, 2013
I like how the plate has specify that it's new
Mark Fei Ling Feb 18, 2013
It's very nice car for 9900 dollar
Sam McCracken Oct 20, 2013
looks like a jetta
Adam Thomson Feb 19, 2013
You dont say
darrellbell24 Feb 18, 2013
ssooooooo ugly