Comments - Cadillac CTS-V Getting Forced-Induction LT1

Published: Feb 18, 2013
Description: When GM rolls out a new Corvette, it often builds a new engine along with it. And that engine often finds its way into other GM products – like the Camaro, the new SS, and in the premium category, th...
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Milito Mayorga Feb 19, 2013
Why not everyone is running turbos
William Downs Feb 19, 2013
Simplicity has always been part of the gm v8, not just the LS series, no need to worry about that problem
Jt Collier Feb 18, 2013
ill give credit where its due, its a pretty great engine, im just not sure it will be as easy to tune the hell out of it. simplicity was the LS's strong point
Lou Guerrero Feb 18, 2013
Gonna research this new LT1. I know nothing about it.
Garrett Farmer Feb 18, 2013
Why not both? Lol
Shelby Cassandra Feb 18, 2013
I just feel like a supercharger would fit a car like this more. Always been a fan of a big Eaton blower.
Daniel Kenneth Babler Feb 18, 2013
Well that escalated quickly @justin
Dylan Bruder Feb 18, 2013
Way to be a creeper sir
Justin Johnson Feb 18, 2013
We should get married Tara
Johnny Matias Feb 18, 2013
I agree with Tara.
Jimmy Bartolotta Feb 18, 2013
I'm hoping for a supercharger. I'm not really a fan of turbos
Dylan Bruder Feb 18, 2013
Supercharger! Better driveability and power delivery plus it's part of what makes it feel more unique with everyone else using turbos
Tara Fitria Feb 18, 2013
I would think turbos, high power with decent fuel economy would be a good selling point. Variable vane turbos to help with low end torque could be a viable option.
Tim Preisinger Feb 18, 2013
Would make more power with a turbo... But I can't help but prefer that supercharged sound...
Andy Clouthier Feb 18, 2013
My truck uses an LS2.
Jon Ashley Feb 18, 2013
bring it on GM. cant wait to see the new CTS-V. personally, I'm hoping for a supercharger. I love that whining sound on american V8s. wastegate blowoff to me just wouldn't sound right.
Colby Church Feb 18, 2013
Also GM trucks use a version of the Corvette engine, they always have.
Brad Henson Feb 18, 2013
Twin charged ftw
William Downs Feb 18, 2013
GM is on a roll
Colby Church Feb 18, 2013
*always not often.
Chris Gaines Feb 18, 2013
supercharged ftw!
Braxton Omgbased Booker Feb 18, 2013
Jacob Burford Feb 19, 2013
I'm not a fan of the sedans styling, but the coupe is pretty sleek! Good engine too!
Tyler Tarbox Feb 19, 2013
Yeah this isn't really in the same class as the M3 or C63. It's a rival for the M5 and E63.
Tyler Ray DeFord Feb 18, 2013
M5 would be the one in its class
Jordan Smith Feb 18, 2013
It'd be really close between a C63 or this for me. I love them both.
Vinny Coppola Feb 18, 2013
The best looking car on the road, I have been inlove with this car ever since it came out. I don't know why anybody would choose a M3,C63 or RS5 over this....
Kyle Gareau Feb 18, 2013
These are the coolest gm's ever built
Jordan Nishida Feb 18, 2013
Love Cadillacs
Johnny Matias Feb 18, 2013
I saw a regular CTS Coupe the other day and I swear the designer must be some sort of god or something...
Dylan Bruder Feb 18, 2013
Ctsv wagon was one of my favorite cars to see love the whole lineup of them
Tyler Tarbox Feb 18, 2013
@Allen. Are you seriously suggesting that an AMG Mercedes is a reliable car?
Allen Kim Feb 18, 2013
Love the look and power. reliability is shady and I'd rather have a comparable AMG Benz.
Brandon Chamberlain Feb 18, 2013
Tyler Tarbox Feb 18, 2013
This car looks amazing in every color too. I'd have to say the dark red is the best though.
Colby Church Feb 18, 2013
I agree. A guy that lives near me has a new CTS-V coupe. It looks soo sick.
Matt Sutton Feb 18, 2013
Indeed it does. Such a beautiful car.
David Parenti Feb 18, 2013
VV agreed VV
Mike Carbaugh Feb 18, 2013
It looks good from every angle
Julian Pilinci Feb 18, 2013
It looks pretty nice from up in this angle.
Description: Just which one – compressor or twin spools – GM goes with will likely depend on the outcome of testing said to be currently underway. The forced-induction LT1 would replace the supercharged LSA in the...
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Trent Fiala Feb 20, 2013
@william yeah I know lol I knew this a few months ago though, before they even really said anything about that
William Downs Feb 20, 2013
Yea they have said in every article that mentions an ats-v since the ATS came out that gm was planning a TT v6 for the ats-v, so not really new news, even says it in the article
Trent Fiala Feb 19, 2013
I talked to the guy who is the head of the gm powertrain plant where they make all the corvette engines and used to make the cts-v engine (which is now made in Mexico) but the next generation it's going to be made in wixom Michigan again and I talked to him a little bit about the ats-v and he was talking about how they will be building TTv6's for them so other then if he lied to me then it will ha...
Tyler Tarbox Feb 19, 2013
Could care less if it's a V6 or V8. As long as it goes like hell and looks good!
Lou Guerrero Feb 18, 2013
I'd never consider this car unless it had a hopped up V8. Does nothing for me otherwise. C'mon ATS-V!
Dylan Bruder Feb 18, 2013
Don't get your hopes up for a dct GM doesn't make one to my knowledge it will more than likely be a 6l60 or the new 8 speed coming up
Zeus Mocha Feb 18, 2013
It better have a DCT as well.
Johnny Matias Feb 18, 2013
Just realized the whole M3 v. ATS-V is gonna be epic.
Aaron Crisp Feb 18, 2013
Can't wait to see the new ATS-V. I'm hoping for a V8 but I understand a TT V6. Just like the M3 eh?
Ashton Summers Feb 18, 2013
As long as it will pin me in the seat a quarter throttle.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 18, 2013
ATS-V will hopefully be an M3 killer
Tim Preisinger Feb 18, 2013
Horsepower sells cars. Torque wins races
Colby Church Feb 18, 2013
Supercharger gains more low RPM torque. GM lovesss torque. There are some turbos that are close though.
Ben Norton Feb 18, 2013
I'd like to see twin turbos but I'm betting on a supercharger
Tyler Wallace Feb 18, 2013
Ats-v :-0
Patrick Schalk Feb 18, 2013
An LS3 ATS-V would be so sweet.
Tyler Wallace Feb 20, 2013
I see a lot where I'm at they look big in person nice as hell tho
Jacob Burford Feb 19, 2013
I'm still yet to see one, but I like the look of them from photos!
Tyler Tarbox Feb 19, 2013
That is surprising some of you haven't seen many. I see at least 7 or 8 a day. And I drive maybe 10 miles on an average day
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 18, 2013
I live in bum fuck Pennsylvania and I've even seen a couple. Can't believe you guys haven't seen any yet
Ben Bright Feb 18, 2013
Same here. vv I haven't seen even one on the road.
Paul Smolin Feb 18, 2013
Not where I live not selling at all CA.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 18, 2013
This car is selling like crazy right now. They are absolutely everywhere in my city.
Justin Chavez Feb 18, 2013
Yea i had seen a few at car shows or parked somewhere but this weekend i saw one on the highway and was genuinely pleased. It came out really nice and cant wait for a V8!!
Jon Ashley Feb 18, 2013
we can only wait and see stephen. I would love to see a v8 powered competitor for the m3
Colby Church Feb 18, 2013
This is a standard ATS. I saw one yesterday for the first time. It looked great.
Stephen Cobbs Feb 18, 2013
Ohhhh man ATS-V with LT1?!
Miko Reginella Mar 02, 2013
Can't wait for the V!
Jordan Nishida Feb 18, 2013
Dylan Bruder Feb 18, 2013
It looks really good in person
Tj Marten Feb 18, 2013
I'm so happy they made this car
Scott Whittman Feb 18, 2013
Id take one of these babies and hand it off to John Hennessey for a few months. It looks so good stock and John can keep it like that.
Lucas Raggio Feb 19, 2013
I don't think the coupe looks good
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 18, 2013
Coupe>wagon>sedan>the Germans
Aaron Crisp Feb 18, 2013
I saw those pics Dillon, that was sweet. I like the idea of 2 doors more but the lines of the sedan look better.
Dillon Dixon Feb 18, 2013
Saw a CTS-V Wagon two days ago and man did it look incredible! Wagon>Coupe>Sedan
Paul Dickey Feb 18, 2013
Austin Bride Feb 18, 2013
Wagon or die
Jackson Michael Feb 18, 2013
The sedan is one of the few American cars I really love but the coupe is alright
Tyler Tarbox Feb 18, 2013
Sedan is the best but the coupe is still awesome
Boyd Boudreaux Feb 18, 2013
I'd love to see a bigger wheel and wheel arch to suck up some of that quarter but all n all awesome car
Jon Ashley Feb 18, 2013
just an idea, but, an ATS coupe?
Colby Church Feb 18, 2013
I like the coupe 5 times better than the sedan. To each true own. I like the coupes hunched up rear. Looks aggressive and screams stance.
William Downs Feb 18, 2013
I don't like the back end on the sedan, looks a little to plain for me, coupé ftw
Larry Martino Feb 18, 2013
The sedan looks much better IMO. The coupe looks like a hunchback
Austin Whitener Feb 18, 2013
It's so amazing
Alex Smith Feb 18, 2013
Love this car. And I usually don't like Cadillacs.
Aaron Crisp Feb 18, 2013