Posted on: Feb 18, 2013
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Cadillac CTS-V Getting Forced-Induction LT1

Once the new CTS comes along, there will be a new V model. And it will get the Stingray's new LT1 - but with a supercharger or twin turbos?
When GM rolls out a new Corvette, it often builds a new engine along with it. And that engine often finds its way into other GM products – like the Camaro, the new SS, and in the premium category, the Cadillac CTS-V. So with the new Stingray’s LT1 now entering production, word has it that the next CTS-V will get some manner of forced-induction version. According to Motor Trend, GM is testing both supercharged and twin-turbo versions of the LT1 for the next CTS-V.

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Just which one – compressor or twin spools – GM goes with will likely depend on the outcome of testing said to be currently underway. The forced-induction LT1 would replace the supercharged LSA in the current model. While we’re on the subject of V-series Cadillacs, the General is also said to be working on an ATS-V. The initial version is tipped to get a twin-turbo V6, but a later version could go with a V8 before the current, first-gen ATS is replaced. One way or another, it looks like there will be some awesome new performance Caddies on their way in the coming years.

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