Comments - Mercedes C63 AMG by Mcchip-DKR

Published: Feb 17, 2013
Description: Mcchip-DKR has become synonymous with power upgrades, and the German tuner has once again proved its worth with an aftermarket package that boosts the C63 AMG's power to 660 horsepower and 553lb-ft o...
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Jason Brower Feb 18, 2013
The supercharger doesn't need to run very much boost to make power. Running twin turbos as low boost on this motor would be just be unnecessary unless you we're looking for a lot more peak power.
Jason Brower Feb 18, 2013
Dual stage turbos present so many drawbacks in this setup: the engine bay of the 63 doesn't have much space for two turbos and the exhaust manifolds, a supercharger is more space efficient. Also, with such a large displacement motor,
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 18, 2013
The norm is to supercharge these. Don't know why
Jason Brown Feb 17, 2013
Typical German tuning. Many German people love the classic look or the neo/emo look.
David Lee Feb 17, 2013
I personally think it looks awesome.
Shawn Sullivan Feb 17, 2013
Why would you put that much into power upgrades and than put this paint job on it?!
Dan J Tresham Feb 17, 2013
That is shit.
Melvin Cerrillo Feb 17, 2013
Fighter jet foams
Drew Humphrey Feb 17, 2013
Looks sick. Would make an epic track day car
Justin Routh Feb 17, 2013
The stock look would suit this much better. Its a mercedes not a civic
Description: Exterior enhancements consist of a set of 20-inch "see-through" KV1 alloys by MB rims, and the white C63 also receives a not-so-subtle pixel-camo foil wrap by CoverEFX. The project car is priced at 84...
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Thai-Chau Ha Feb 17, 2013
Would have to like this car a lot to drop the cash on this.
Saqar Khudairy Feb 17, 2013
That's way too much for a c class
Victor Pitts Feb 18, 2013
Douglas Goncalves Feb 17, 2013
I'll take the power and performance enhancements, and skip the ridiculous exterior!
Jon Strahs Feb 17, 2013
I think it'd look better without the camo and instead just some slight detailing with red and black
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 17, 2013
Plastic looking wheels.
Zeus Mocha Feb 17, 2013
Nice rims
Bubba Stelzig Feb 17, 2013
I like it too
Zalmy Ny Feb 17, 2013
Sounds like hot wheels. But I kinda like it
Jason Brown Feb 18, 2013
His car on the autobahn and tinting windows on his range rover. He had no idea those 3 things were illegal in Germany. Was terrible luck needless to say.
Jason Brown Feb 18, 2013
Not sure how this car made it out on the streets with the back windows tinted like that. Germany is super strict on tinting any window. A friend if mine ran out if gas on the autobahn and was fined for 3 things: running out of gas, getting out of
Brandon Hamilton Feb 17, 2013
I love the wheels
Janak Solanki Feb 17, 2013
Those wheels look cool but the paint job is not working.
Bubba Stelzig Feb 17, 2013
Looks like a twin screw. Yes please!
Stephane Rioux Feb 17, 2013
really original wheels... looks great in motion with that red lip and brakes