Posted on: Feb 17, 2013
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Mercedes C63 AMG by Mcchip-DKR

Potent Mercedes coupe given an additional 200 horsepower to play with.
Mcchip-DKR has become synonymous with power upgrades, and the German tuner has once again proved its worth with an aftermarket package that boosts the C63 AMG's power to 660 horsepower and 553lb-ft of torque. That's up from 451 hp and 443 lb-ft, thanks to its MC660 supercharger kit. Other performance mods include a high-end exhaust system with sports catalyst and remote-operated valve control, and a KW-Clubsport suspension. The electronic limiter has also been removed.

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Exterior enhancements consist of a set of 20-inch "see-through" KV1 alloys by MB rims, and the white C63 also receives a not-so-subtle pixel-camo foil wrap by CoverEFX. The project car is priced at 84,999 Euros, while the engine conversion and power boost alone come in at 25,999 Euros.


by Adam Lynton
Mercedes C63 AMG by Mcchip-DKR

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