Comments - Fresh Spy Shots of 2 Series Coupe

Published: Feb 17, 2013
Description: As night follows day, the recent spy shots of the 2 Series Cabrio were inevitably going to be followed by snaps of the coupe variant. And here they are. The 1 Series Coupe and Cabrio will soon be con...
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Robby Weitzman May 15, 2013
I think new 1 series...
Tyler Wallace Feb 28, 2013
The series mine as well been a coupe from the jump
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 21, 2013
I like those low profile tyres.. They reminds me of a volvo truck
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
The car is really nice since the cross tour did not sell.This is BMW and that is Honda
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
The M6 is a car to have
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
The reason is because plenty jerks have one
Ameer Balkore Feb 20, 2013
Excuse me this car is not pointless,because nobody is fortunate at least least the unfortunate ones get a ride.As for we the fortunates the need the M versions
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 17, 2013
Kinda is pointless the 3 5 and 7 is all we need
Luke Purdy Feb 17, 2013
How is it pointless? It's the coupe version of the 1 series?
Jared Oteri Feb 17, 2013
Of the eifel tower...... Autocorrect what did you do to me
Jared Oteri Feb 17, 2013
Wait until the m2 comes out you guys will have pants tent the size of hand eifel tower Or however you spell it lol this is going to be one hell of a car
Jared Oteri Feb 17, 2013
They are bringing the eyes back<3
James Salaba Feb 17, 2013
Why 2 series?! Pointless like most BMW's!
Zeus Mocha Feb 17, 2013
Just stay camoed forever
Jared Oteri Feb 17, 2013
I'm digging that trunk to roof line, reminds me of the 4 series concept