Posted on: Feb 17, 2013
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Fresh Spy Shots of 2 Series Coupe

The new 2 Series has been spied during cold weather testing.
As night follows day, the recent spy shots of the 2 Series Cabrio were inevitably going to be followed by snaps of the coupe variant. And here they are. The 1 Series Coupe and Cabrio will soon be consigned to the history books and will be surpassed by the 2 Series, with both the hard and soft top models incorporating design cues found on the new 1 Series hatchback that's currently sitting in showrooms across Europe. The upcoming 2 Series will be sold in the US and will hopefully form the basis a new M2 to take the place of the much-loved 1 Series M Coupe.

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by Adam Lynton
Fresh Spy Shots of 2 Series Coupe

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