Comments - Ferrari F150 Spectacularly Rendered

Published: Feb 17, 2013
Description: These images aren't from the gates of Ferrari’s Maranello factory. No, they’re the product of talented graphic designer Josiah LaColla. While the official debut of the new Ferrari F150 is still abou...
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Alejandro Alvarez-Mejia Feb 27, 2013
I really hope it doesn't look like that...
Duncan Ashenhurst Mar 06, 2013
He was pretty close in the end! The LaFerrari looks a lot like this!
Noah schlegel Feb 24, 2013
that's the only Ferrari I like
Omar Aboul-Houda Feb 21, 2013
Wow. I'm the 101 commenter block. Good car tho
Tyler Howell Feb 20, 2013
I really don't see a corvette here?
Jeff Link Feb 20, 2013
Eh... Not impressed.
Austin Joseph Gillentine Feb 19, 2013
If this is what it actually looks like. Ferrari finally did it right :')
Jason Brown Feb 18, 2013
It would be funny to see one of the most anticipated cars for 2013 to end up looking like a Corvette. There is nothing wrong with that, the Vett is a fantastic car. Just funny if it would...
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 18, 2013
The new vette shape is a nightmare lol, why everybody is so afraid that the f150 would have the same styling as the vette ? Ferrari would never do that
David Lee Feb 18, 2013
Sexy as hell! I hope they go balls to the wall and actually name it F150. And then the can win a legal battle against Ford, as if someone would confuse a pickup truck with a supercar.
Amir Emarati Feb 18, 2013
Justin Johnson Feb 18, 2013
Hell no
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
@jack, I never said they are JUST about heritage, that's just something I was making a little more clear for nick. Of course acceleration and lap times are important, but trying to beat the completion in that sense is not what ferrari is about.
Thomas Principi Feb 18, 2013
Ferrari is the best!!
Kaigan Viner Feb 18, 2013
I hope the real one doesn't look like a corvette as well
Shannon Sims Feb 18, 2013
@jason brown. I completely agree!!
Oleg Odessit Feb 18, 2013
What am i looking at? :/
Jason Brown Feb 18, 2013
If the new F150 looks anything like this... I'm not impress at the least.
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
@Nick, no worries, we are all entitled to our own opinions.
Paul Gladman Feb 18, 2013
nice but the P1 looks waaaay better
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
@nick, haha no thanks, I literally only have this Facebook to comment on here. Maybe I'll catch you next time.
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
have to be a die hard Ferrarista like me to notice it, but the heritage has been and always will be there:)
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
FF; it's supposed to be Ferrari's sensible car but ferrari insisted, despite growing fuel economy restrictions, that it still have a front mounted naturally aspirated V12 like the very first car to bear the Ferrari name, the 125 S. So maybe you just
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
is still a modern leap forward both technically and visually. The FF is a bit of an exception but the heritage is still there, I mean I know it's a hatchback and all but at least ferrari is not making sedans and SUVs. Heritage is still present in the
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
consider the heritage of the production cars themselves. The 458 can be traced directly back to the 308 as a descendent, and after all these years, the car is still a mid-engined, rear drive, V8 coupe named after its engine displacement, yet the car
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
Formula 1 team and consider how their many years of racing has influenced Ferrari's road car design, Ferrari's road cars were originally built to fund its formula one team so in a way they are the reason ferrari is what it is today. Then you have to
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
@nick, well you can't really "find" heritage well driving a car. I'm not really sure what you mean by that. Heritage is something that you have to be aware of a and gain respect for over time, with ferrari you have to understand its history as a
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
@Nick, could you please justify a bit more if you don't mind me asking.
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
-passion, and most importantly, the best feeling in order to continue there heritage as well as move forward by building their opinion of the best car they- *insert where Shelby's comment is*
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
-nd say "our cars must be faster, better looking etc." They build what they believe is the best possible car. Ferrari is not trying to build the fastest, best handling, or best looking cars, they are trying to build the cars with the most heritage, -
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
*One of my comments got deleted and its supposed to go where Shelby's comment is after my second paragraph so here it is again:* -at I'm trying to say is that ferrari aren't trying to outdo other car companies, they don't look at their competitors a-
Rahul Patel Feb 18, 2013
Matthew nailed it..
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
-at, in the public eyes at least, doesn't technically exist yet.
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
-most of you have never had the privilege of driving a Ferrari and neither of I. But I'm positive that the people who have will agree. So don't go around criticizing cars if you don't understand why it was built and what it is for, especially one th-
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
-if one of their cars is not the absolute fastest, or best handling, or best looking, that's not what Ferrari are trying to do, they are trying to build cars with the most passion as well as heritage and most importantly, the best feeling. I'm sure
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
can make and I'm sure many will agree with that they've achieved that. Ferrari have nothing more to prove, they have and will continue to make their idea of the perfect sports car and there is nothing anyone can do to get them to change that. So what
Shelby Cassandra Feb 18, 2013
@Jack. A majority of it has to do with tires, not rwd/awd. Take an NHRA drag car for example. Huge drag slicks on the back and rwd. Probably bad example since their front tires are smaller than my bicycle, but you know what I mean.
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
-thing else. They've won a total of 31 total F1 championships (way more than anyone else) and have still managed to become the most well known and legendary production car manufacturer in the world(with the help of their f1 influence of course). Wh-
Matthew Mckernan Feb 18, 2013
You guys have to realize that Ferrari, above all else, is a Formula 1 team. That's not my opinion, that's just the way they are. Though they put a lot more emphasis on their road cars today than they used to but they still put formula 1 above every-
Jacob Burford Feb 17, 2013
Way to busy! Doesn't have beautiful or sleek lines!
Dylan Bruder Feb 17, 2013
The front is horrid
Colby Church Feb 17, 2013
remotely like this, the P1 blows it out of the water for me. I have a feeling I will prefer the P1 anyways, even if the real deal does look considerably better.
Colby Church Feb 17, 2013
Oh, any car is far from perfection, but Ferrari isn't even close. They aren't the pinnacle of performance like in the old days and they aren't very reliable if you keep them a while. But criticism aside, this is an okay rendering, but if it looks
Jayce Madrid Feb 17, 2013
I think the 512 TR was better styled than this!
Brendan Crawford Feb 17, 2013
Anyone else see the Italia? The headlights kinda look like it.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 17, 2013
@Jack Brandon nothing is perfect. If Ferraris were perfection, then they would NOT catch fire (like the old racers and that unfortunate recall) nor would some people think them unattractive. Sure, they are the top 1.5%, but not perfection.
William Downs Feb 17, 2013
Your not the bench mark anymore when your cars are getting beat on the track religiously by the competition now, Ferrari really needs to return to there bare bones roots, abandon all this f1 tech stuff and make a pure car again
Ryan Spencer Feb 17, 2013
Loose the hood scoop
Abraham Mendoza Feb 17, 2013
I didn't know all manufactures have a recall where their cars combust into flames.
Ashton Summers Feb 17, 2013
Wasn't expecting any comments on this car.
Dillon Dixon Feb 17, 2013
Looks very bad IMO. And I bet the actual one looks very close to this. The front and the rear match the teasers, and the side matches that logo that was on the article about the private viewing.
Demetrio Bilbatua Feb 17, 2013
Wow! But this is like making castles in the sky, lets see the real one in few more days. I hope it looks similar to this render, but I'm sure the wheels will be different, because the rendered are identical to the Enzo ones.. No way!!
Demid Petrov Feb 17, 2013
P1 all the way for me! The design of this one is similar to stingray and 458, P1 is on the whole new level!!!
Ben Hislop Feb 17, 2013
My heart just skipped a beat
Janak Solanki Feb 17, 2013
Not flowing too well. Aesthetics are off
Oscar Galvan Feb 17, 2013
I know this is just a rendering from a sketch but this looks like a mix between an Enzo and a 458 horribly rendered
Jackson Michael Feb 17, 2013
You could try opening them
Nick Ortiz Feb 17, 2013
The doors on this are retarded xD how the f#ck do you get in?
Ed Ashby Feb 17, 2013
That's pretty horrible. I'll be surprised if the real thing doesn't look a lot better proportioned than this
Jackson Michael Feb 17, 2013
The sides are a little crazy but as long as it performs well I'll overlook it
Adam Thomson Feb 17, 2013
It looks like the Arash AF10 a bit
Alex Bouckley Feb 17, 2013
I love this
Adam Thomson Feb 17, 2013
It looks too Busy, needs a redesign
Chris Gaines Feb 17, 2013
props to the stingray for even looking a bit like this
William Downs Feb 17, 2013
Holy crap that nose is horrible, the rest looks to be OK but that front bumper just kills it for me
Elias Harb Feb 17, 2013
They put some f50 into it
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 17, 2013
I think that the enzo is much more beautiful
Adithya Chandrasekhar Feb 17, 2013
It reminds me a lot of the F50
Shelby Cassandra Feb 17, 2013
Way too many body lines. I'd drive it, but wouldn't ever buy one of these fugly things.
Pablo Herasme Feb 17, 2013
Looks like a 458 injected itself with steroids.
Justin Mancuso Feb 17, 2013
I really hope it doesn't look like this,the front is ok, but it looks so flat
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 17, 2013
No the question is WILL IT BLEND
Tyler Tarbox Feb 17, 2013
Front looks a lot like the new Stingray
Matthew Mckernan Feb 17, 2013
It looks okay, I'm sure the real thing will look much better, but this is definitely one of the more positive renderings I've seen.
Matt Piccolo Feb 17, 2013
That looks so badass!!!
Jacob Burges Feb 17, 2013
The joker's smile.
Sam Oglesby Feb 17, 2013
I'm not a fan and to prove it it looks like the use the new Stingwray styling on a 458
Scott Whittman Feb 17, 2013
Thought it was a vette until i click the link.
Trey Villarreal Feb 17, 2013
More curvacious than the last Enzo thats for sure. More pleasing to the eye too.
Description: Call it an educated guess, if you prefer. But if Ferrari’s long-awaited Enzo successor looks anything like this then we’ll be more than pleased. In fact, we’ll be absolutely thrilled. With McLaren’s P...
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Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 18, 2013
Catastrophically good-looking car
Jacob Burford Feb 17, 2013
The back works, but the front and sides don't!
Dylan Bruder Feb 17, 2013
The backs neat
Colby Church Feb 17, 2013
Looks good from this angle!
Zalmy Ny Feb 17, 2013
Futuristic back
Isaac Taylor Feb 17, 2013
Looks good from this angle!
Dave Rain Feb 17, 2013
I dig it. Now come on Ferrari!!
Taylor Rosello Feb 17, 2013
Looks good from this angle!
Janak Solanki Feb 17, 2013
This looks good from this angle
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 17, 2013
If you see this in real life, you may shit in your pants.
Brady Jacoby Feb 17, 2013
Looks like the same tailights on all the Ferrari's since the 1900s
Jackson Michael Feb 17, 2013
Love the ass
William Downs Feb 17, 2013
This rendering is made from sketches from a man that attended a private viewing of the car, the drawing were up on jalopnik a few days ago before this rendering was revealed and they look exactly the same
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 17, 2013
Matthew Mckernan Feb 17, 2013
This rendering is based off pictures of an Enzo and it kinda shows in the rear cause the proportions don't really fit the styling of this car, but besides that, not bad.
John Patten Feb 17, 2013
Love it!!!!