Comments - Factory Five is More Than Just Kit Cars

Published: Feb 17, 2013
Description: Factory Five is one the most exclusive kit car companies out there today. In fact, it’s sometimes difficult to consider its products "kit cars" because of their high quality, durability and perhaps m...
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Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 18, 2013
Video unavailable. Joy.
Brian Johnston Feb 17, 2013
Two cars i have trouble deciding between. Just put a gt40 up there youll have carrol shelbys greatest accomplishments and dominators o the race world.
Tim Preisinger Feb 17, 2013
Anyone who would lean on that car deserved it
Oscar Galvan Feb 17, 2013
I would have done the same thing
Jordan Jackson Feb 17, 2013
Good man, lol
Shelby Cassandra Feb 17, 2013
My uncle used to have a Cobra that was very similar to the red one there. He wouldn't let anyone touch it and he literally punched a guy out for leaning on it once.
Description: Although three of the four are considered Shelby replicas, they are still loud, obnoxious and wicked fast. But how do these Factory Five cars compare to the Lamborghini Gallardo in terms of performanc...
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Joe Paul Feb 17, 2013
Very nice.
Adam Thomson Feb 17, 2013
Always loved the shape of the shelby daytona coupe!
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 17, 2013
Put American racing torque thrust on it and we're good
Michael Davidson Feb 17, 2013
That's pretty sweet.
Brian Johnston Feb 17, 2013
Oscar go on factory fives website. Its different whether you want complete kits or basic. They even have custom.
Brian Botts Feb 17, 2013
I have about $35k in mine. Kits are 15-20...but you will not build/paint it for less than $30k
Ashton Summers Feb 17, 2013
They're pretty solid kits too.
Shelby Cassandra Feb 17, 2013
A kit for an mk4 is probably in the area of 15-20k leaning more towards the latter.
Oscar Galvan Feb 17, 2013
Does anyone know how much one of these kit cost?