Comments - Cars That Won't Die: Hindustan Ambassador

Published: Feb 17, 2013
Description: Sometimes a car comes along which doesn't follow the normal retirement plan for cars which have become obsolete and will take on a whole new life in another market. One of the best examples of this i...
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Bert Kelly-Johnston Feb 20, 2013
But all the cars mentioned in comments changed heaps - this hasn't.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 18, 2013
David Lee Feb 17, 2013
Don't forget the Mini and the Toyota Corolla.
Ryan Lopez Feb 17, 2013
Cj jeep and is the date important
Jommel Marcella Feb 17, 2013
Didn't realize this was 2012.
Jommel Marcella Feb 17, 2013
Didn't real
Saqar Khudairy Feb 17, 2013
They messed up the date and wrote 2012
Kevin Gebuza Feb 17, 2013
Te original beetle
Adam Ramey Feb 17, 2013
And suburban
Description: The Ambassador is based on the third generation of the postwar Morris Oxford. The third-gen model began production in 1956, but was little different from the model which had debuted in 1948. The Oxfor...
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Description: Interestingly, there was a different model, the Hindustan Landmaster, based on the Oxford II. So instead of bringing out a second-gen Landmaster, Hindustan made the new car a completely different mode...
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Patrick Joseph Feb 17, 2013
Talk about taking pride in your work.
Christian Billman Feb 18, 2013
I like it but not sure why
Tyler Tarbox Feb 18, 2013
One of the most disproportionate cars
Description: Although the car might not have changed much, this plant has evolved quite a bit, and has brought many manufacturing firsts to India. The plant also makes parts for the also-British Bedford trucks, an...
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Description: This too proved to be quite popular. In the early Nineties, a decision was finally made to phase out the ancient British-designed engines that powered the Ambassador, replacing them with Isuzu four-cy...
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Justin Johnson Feb 18, 2013
Throw a suspension on this with Panasport wheels, call it a day
Philip Sloane Feb 18, 2013
Very basic, I suppose less to go wrong which in countries of a smaller economy is perfect. Less to fix cheap to maintain,
Michael Nascimento Feb 18, 2013
It has air vents, but no buttons or knobs to operate them. :S
Ryan Lopez Feb 17, 2013
Benz duh
Brandon Carr Feb 17, 2013
What did you expect?
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 17, 2013
Brian Howard Feb 18, 2013
Haha gas tank spot is so dumb
Drake Nailon Feb 17, 2013
Yeah and then I saw the gas tank location. Scary!
Kyle McCullough Feb 17, 2013
Surprisingly large trunk
Description: Probably the most amusing version is the one which was exported to the UK in 1993 as the Fullbore Mark 10. These were retrofitted with safety equipment to make them compliant, but as you might have gu...
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Description: You’ll see some other cars in this series which were such massive hits in their first life that they were given a second chance at life in a smaller market. But the Hindustan Ambassador is different f...
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