Comments - Unearthed: 1967 Kellison Astra X-300 GT

Published: Feb 16, 2013
Description: Kit cars have always varied in quality and performance. It's just the price one has to pay when opting to build or buy one. But every now and then, there's one that leaves a long-lasting imp...
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Justin Johnson Feb 19, 2013
That is ugly to me. Poke is not cool on this or ever.
Cory Olner Feb 17, 2013
My new favorite classic body.
Trey Reilly Feb 16, 2013
Dachsun meets stingray.
Adam Thomson Feb 16, 2013
Jordan Nishida Feb 16, 2013
This car has a little bit of a 250 GTO and a shelby cobra Daytona
matthew barrett Feb 16, 2013
It kind of looks like a fish that's struggling to breathe
Patrick Schalk Feb 16, 2013
Freakin 4x4 status. Damn. Lower that baby a little bit.
Description: Remember, this was before the days of lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum. Fiberglass also allowed for people who didn't have access to high-tech equipment to style their cars' bodies in s...
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Trey Reilly Feb 16, 2013
Design was ahead of its time
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 16, 2013
Porsche made aluminum bodies back then, but then again that's why they are Porsche
Description: The first Kellisons rode on a proprietary frame and had either tubular solid axles or units courtesy from Chevrolet. Kellison's first kit car was called the J4 and buyers could either build it th...
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Igor Boos Apr 16, 2013
No trunk
Zalmy Ny Feb 16, 2013
Part bat mobile part awesome American muscle
Adam Thomson Feb 16, 2013
I love the shape of this car.
Austin Bride Feb 16, 2013
Less wheelgap and lower to the ground at it'd be awesome
Jason Bartlett Feb 16, 2013
Could use a bit more tire under there .
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 16, 2013
Very unique
Jordan Nishida Feb 16, 2013
I like it
Oleg Odessit Feb 16, 2013
Logan Delony Feb 16, 2013
The rear kind of looks like something a hot wheels would have.
Bert Kelly-Johnston Feb 16, 2013
What a stunning look! Like an E-type Jag with LOTS of attitude!
Description: Around this time, the X-300 GT debuted and it differed from the other Kellison kit cars due to its slightly raised roof and improved interior. This particular Astra X-300 GT that's up for grabs o...
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Kyle Kloewer Feb 16, 2013
Miles on a clock.
Description: It's had the same owner for the past 42 years and it was actually in storage beginning in 1974 until 2002 when the restoration began. It had a starting bid of $30,000 at the time of writing. Alth...
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Justin Johnson Feb 19, 2013
I do like the inside however
Zalmy Ny Feb 16, 2013
Love it so amazingly nice vintage interior
Ryan Lopez Feb 16, 2013
Because there's no way the radiator has enough air
Trey Reilly Feb 16, 2013
Zalmy Ny Feb 16, 2013
Nice ass baby
David Markham Feb 16, 2013
As smooth as a baby's butt...
Justin Johnson Feb 19, 2013
Wow! He/she did a great job on the resto. I cannot believe this car only lived six years before it was stored and it eventually looked like this.
Jacob Burges Feb 17, 2013
The joker's smile.
Justin Johnson Feb 19, 2013
That's just terrible