Comments - Subaru STI by Carlex Design

Published: Feb 16, 2013
Description: For its latest interior renovation, Polish leather specialist Carlex Design used a Subaru Impreza WRX STI that Cosworth will soon be putting under the knife. So while the premium AWD model awaits a si...
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Brandon Bairian Feb 17, 2013
Two words for ya: chunder gargle
Marcin Bednarski Feb 17, 2013
Carbon leather mniam mniam. Super.
Johnny Matias Feb 16, 2013
When people say its 'too much goin on', do you honestly think they were trying to be modest about this? That's what it's all about.
Stephane Rioux Feb 16, 2013
too much red
Justin Routh Feb 16, 2013
Looks really good but a little much for me
Ashton Summers Feb 16, 2013
Not my cup of tea, but at least you won't feel like your driving around in a fast set of Tupperware like you normally do in one of these.
Patrick Schalk Feb 16, 2013
A little bit overkill IMO. Love the design but a little too much red for my taste. I'd rather have it all black.
Nick Sti Feb 16, 2013
Badass! Like the pit of Hell!
Gray Conron Feb 16, 2013
Carbon Leather. I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Mayfield Feb 16, 2013
Soo dope!
Matt Piccolo Feb 16, 2013
That's so badass!
Carlos Dorantes Feb 16, 2013
Very, very nice. Quite a difference from the Stock interior!
Nick Schnee Feb 16, 2013
Oh yes. Love it!
David Guerrero Feb 17, 2013
Love the STi. Since I can't afford cars like m3 and rs5. STi is my fav
Danny Burns Feb 16, 2013
Jordan Nishida Feb 16, 2013
I like it
Abdelrahman Mahfouz Feb 16, 2013
I mean interior-wise , sti , wrx and impreza are pretty much the same . And yes the sti is alot of bang for your buck.
Thomas Lepage Feb 16, 2013
"For an impreza" lol come on man. These cars are damn good for the price tag
Abdelrahman Mahfouz Feb 16, 2013
Pretty dope for an impreza IMO
Andrew Hardy Mar 04, 2013
Very nice seats and interior, but way too much red. It doesn't matter, it's not like America will get anything like this anyway -_-
Tin Nguyen Feb 17, 2013
Nice interior. The seats are a little too much.
Guo-Sheng Huang Feb 17, 2013
Zalmy Ny Feb 16, 2013
Sounds like a night club in Chinatown
Ryan Patrick Clauson Feb 16, 2013
Wayyy too busy
Patrick Schalk Feb 16, 2013
Those seats are so sweet
Abdelrahman Mahfouz Feb 16, 2013
STI - CARLEX - COSWORTH , yes please.