Comments - Qoros Reveals Geneva-Bound Trio

Published: Feb 16, 2013
Description: New Chinese automaker Qoros revealed its maiden project at the end of last year. At the time we reported it was to be called the GQ3. Now it appears the new automotive brand has given it the more simp...
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Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 16, 2013
Also in order to stop them from taking over the world i dont think we should buy there incredibly well speced and cheap cars
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 16, 2013
I haven't heard of very many engineering break throughs in china if any engineering at all
Ashton Summers Feb 17, 2013
Hate to sound like a greedy westerner... But I am. Glad they are using small engines, especially at the rate the Chinese are buying cars. China is after all a huge factor why gas prices have increased an will continue to do so.
Luis Enrique Lara Feb 17, 2013
Price with sunroof big stereo and things like that without bothering if its engine is crappy.
Luis Enrique Lara Feb 17, 2013
... But now that salaries are increasing and people are being able to buy stuff, cars are becoming a status issue, and as in many 3rd world countries, people want to own a car and that's it, but of course what sells is a good looking face and cheap
Luis Enrique Lara Feb 17, 2013
Well, The chinese market is actually going through the cheap good looks phenomenon, people don't buy a car for the way it drives or the safety features it offers, after all china was a country in witch 90% of its population moved on a bicycle...
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 16, 2013
Really after watching TG in china there cars seem horrible to drive but at such low prices people will buy anything
Aaron Sparks Feb 16, 2013
It's certainly not anything spectacular. But it is tasteful and an impressive first effort for a startup company in a country that's not ever been known for its automobile manufacturing.
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 16, 2013
I think it looks great
Jake Judges Feb 16, 2013
Nothing special
Description: After two years of extensive testing, the Qoros 3 Sedan is ready for launch. It's homeland of China will be the first to receive the car in the second half of the year, with European sales follow...
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Daniel Alexander Soutar Feb 17, 2013
"...two years of extensive testing..." Very funny. Now get real - they drove it around their car park and since nothing broke, called it good to go. China's massively better than before-but their safety and refinement simply aren't renowned...
Dale Schroeder Feb 16, 2013
I know that many people have said they have abysmal safety and quality records. Even if they've improved in the last couple years, I'd still be wary of anything they're making right now.
Mark Fei Ling Feb 16, 2013
@dale How well u know chery? Better do u homework
Dale Schroeder Feb 16, 2013
Chery is involved? Ooh boy, that's a warning sign right there, unless the other company is in charge of actual production.
Description: The Qoros 3 Sedan has an immediately forgettable design - yet another take on the modern obsession with four-door coupes - and at 4,615mm long and 1,849mm wide is quite large for a compact sedan, allo...
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Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 16, 2013
0-60 in 2 and a half years
Adam Thomson Feb 16, 2013
Not bad for being chinese...
Jonathan Tjandra Feb 17, 2013
BMW 5 series taillight upside down
Description: Both units are mated to a six-speed manual and optional six-speed dual clutch transmission, with stop/start as standard. The Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid Concept demonstrates what the brand has in mind fo...
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Kieran Ward Feb 16, 2013
I really like this
Daniel Alexander Soutar Feb 17, 2013
They like their gadgets. I reckon these electronic tablet things will be an asset of theirs...
Aaron Sparks Feb 16, 2013
I've read about the Nav system in this car and it seems like it's pretty impressive.