Comments - Mercedes CK63 RSR by Carlsson

Published: Feb 16, 2013
Description: German tuner Carlsson will reveal its CLS63 AMG at next month's Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed the CK63 RSR, it's a project that's been months in the works. The headline figures are 700 hors...
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Gonzalo Coto Feb 18, 2013
Wow! Higher quality pictures would be better and more angles too!
Justin Routh Feb 16, 2013
Im surprised they released pics like this. The hood looks really bad somethings not right. And put the damn mb badge back on
David Lee Feb 16, 2013
@Nick I know, it could just be a low quality image.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 16, 2013
Needs a Mercedes emblem
Nick Schnee Feb 16, 2013
Something's wrong with the bonnet...
Description: 0-62 mph comes in at 3.9 secs, 124 mph is passed after 11.6 secs, and top speed is rated at 212 mph. A high-performance stainless-steel sports exhaust with catalytic converters comes with a remote-con...
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Bobaloo Anderson Feb 16, 2013
212 mph 4 door?!
Description: The styling of the four-door coupe is accentuated by a carbon-fiber front lip spoiler, black stainless-steel mesh inserts in the intake grilles, and a rear carbon valance insert. Also at the rear is a...
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Clinton Burger Feb 17, 2013
I'm not a fan if multi spoke but those look great!
Jeffrey Frank Feb 17, 2013
I'm digging the wheels.
Dave Rain Feb 17, 2013
Friggen sweet. Nice
Justin Routh Feb 16, 2013
I could be wrong but are those two lines this engines dyno?