Comments - Gold-Wrapped GT-R by WrapStyle

Published: Feb 16, 2013
Description: This is perhaps the “goldest” gold-wrapped GT-R we have ever come across. Nissan teamed up with Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt last year, auctioning a gold-colored supercar killer on eBay with alm...
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Ankur Gairola Feb 24, 2013
Pablo Herasme Feb 17, 2013
Jack, the GTR has already been tested at 2.7
Jermaine Beason Feb 17, 2013
Only natural the fastest sprinters unite
Faviola Gonzalez Mar 27, 2013
I would prefer it in a chrome/silver color, gold is too flashy
Justin Johnson Feb 19, 2013
Duncan Ashenhurst Feb 18, 2013
This car would look perfectly at home in Dubai or Vegas. And that's not a good thing...
Jacob Burford Feb 16, 2013
Rich Drug dealer comes to mind when I look at this car!
Christopher Scott Feb 16, 2013
Bruce Tumblin Feb 16, 2013
Too much gold
Zalmy Ny Feb 16, 2013
Sounds like 007's girlfriend in the movie "gold finger" what a pity!
Darian Vorlick Feb 16, 2013
It hurts my brain.
William Downs Feb 16, 2013
Yeah your thinking about that bolt guy, the runner from kenya
Kyle Krueger Feb 16, 2013
Oops didn't read the article right, never mind lol.
Kyle Krueger Feb 16, 2013
U guys do know that it was auctioned for charity right? It's not like the person who bought it did it because it looked cool. The car cost more that 200k.
Gray Conron Feb 16, 2013
It hurts my eyes
Dale Schroeder Feb 16, 2013
The GT-R is eye catching enough as it is, they didn't really need to do this to try and draw more attention to it.
Will Will Feb 16, 2013
The dustinguishing features of the gtr are erased.
Will Will Feb 16, 2013
This would look have looked good if this was in gold and not gold chrome, and if the piece below the gtr logo remained black. As i said, this paint job could have looked amazing, its just the tone of paint is wrong, and its overdone, such that
Ashton Summers Feb 16, 2013
Would rather my window open up to neighbors who are obese exhibitionists who hold swinger parties every Friday than look out to see this parked in my drive.
Taylor Garry Feb 16, 2013
Im going to be so glad when this whole "wrapping a supercar to make it look cheap is cool" fad is over with. Including matte paint
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 16, 2013
As much as it seems expensive It is very cheap looking
Austin Bride Feb 16, 2013
No no no no no no no make it stop
Jommel Marcella Feb 16, 2013
OMG , that's awesome.
Shelby Cassandra Feb 16, 2013
Hell, I'd buy it if they would wrap my entire garage and everything in it in gold too.
Greg Kenerly Feb 16, 2013
I love goooold! Austin Powers faja...
Nick Schnee Feb 16, 2013
God no. This is horrible.
Connor Scanlon Feb 16, 2013
I would hate this. It's ugly and imagine all the finger prints.
Josh May Feb 16, 2013
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 16, 2013
I would take it to.. But it's still ugly as book
William Downs Feb 16, 2013
I'll take it, and just spend an hr peeling off the wrap, be like getting a sweet present u gotta unwrap
Zachary Sindelar Feb 16, 2013
I'd still take it if someone gave it to me!
Carlos Dorantes Feb 16, 2013
Matt Piccolo Feb 16, 2013
Why would u wreck a perfectly good gtr ( let alone any car) by doing this to it
Patrick Schalk Feb 16, 2013
That is so fugly.
James Salaba Feb 16, 2013
I do like it but in my opinion if the wheels and windows were black she would be far nicer!
Pablo Herasme Feb 16, 2013
Idk why people do this to cars... Why not your bathroom m
Jason Brown Feb 16, 2013
Don't know what you just typed...
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 16, 2013
It looks like the spoiler is on fire.
Amer Tawil Feb 16, 2013
If the rims were black would've been better
Gray Conron Feb 16, 2013
The gold itself isn't bad but they over did it with the rims, etc
Mustafa Alshekhly Feb 16, 2013
I think its very ugly Though the rear looks very sexy
Ben Knorr Feb 16, 2013
I see a ruined gtr here. I see no C7.
Greg Kenerly Feb 16, 2013
Offensive Ray Charles comment aside, this is no C7. I've read that comparison a lot. I see similarities in the roofline but that's it. I'd rather the car be wrapped in chrome. This is too much.
William Downs Feb 16, 2013
Except nothing on this car looks anything Like the c7 except the roofline, period, and if u think this looks like a c7 u gotta go get your eyes checked cause your more blind then ray Charles
Larry Martino Feb 16, 2013
@Thai thats because GM stylist took styling cues from the GTR when creating the new corvette
Pablo Herasme Feb 16, 2013
The roofline but thats it
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 16, 2013
Take the emblem off and I see a nice C7 vette
Lesly St Louis Mar 08, 2013
That's nice
William Downs Feb 18, 2013
Nothing I said was a stereotype, Europe deffinatly doesn't have the best tech, that's why almost every high end piece of electronics comes from Japan. And just because I talk about the car that automatically makes me obsessed with a jap car
Donald Lachance Feb 18, 2013
Really Nice job!
Adam Gray Feb 18, 2013
I don't see any European rovers on mars
William Downs Feb 17, 2013
Its a Japanese super car, of course there gonna tech it up, that's what they do, just like American cars always use v8s
William Downs Feb 17, 2013
But back to the car... I think then hate on the gtr needs to end... It may not be pretty in everyone's eyes, but its a straight monster, and everyone hates it cause it shouldn't be able to do what it does being as heavy as they are... It bothers people so they hate on the tech.
Zalmy Ny Feb 17, 2013
Ok guys just kidding didn't mean anything. Really!
William Downs Feb 16, 2013
Idk I'm not trying to sell crack or any kind of drugs, and we were talking cars and the comment direction changed not a big deal, happen a lot on here actually
Zalmy Ny Feb 16, 2013
William is this a crack selling place or what? This is called car buzz for a reason. Now cut the crap and let's talk cars
William Downs Feb 16, 2013
Only one drug in the world that's good in my book and thats good ole Mary Jane, everything else is for chumps and addicts that are to weak to deal with there shit
Jorge Gonzalez Feb 16, 2013
Drugs are good.
William Downs Feb 16, 2013
And there a lot more then just fast, there reliable and confortable, plus there easy to maintain, a lot more then I can say about a lot of "super cars"
William Downs Feb 16, 2013
Lay off the drugs child, Gtr is far from the worst super car ever made, its an engineering marvel and a beast of a machine
Zalmy Ny Feb 16, 2013
Ouch my eyes hurt