Comments - Audi Confirms S1 for Production

Published: Feb 16, 2013
Description: Ever since Audi unleashed the limited edition A1 quattro - a 256 horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter bundle of joy - fans of the four rings have been praying for a high-performance variant of the A1 to ...
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Description: The RS1 however, is unlikely to make production given the expense involved in making it and the very price sensitive market. But then again, if the S1 exceeds expectations and the demand is there, the...
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JB Kolod Feb 16, 2013
Needs more power than that, I mean it has to have more than a mini...
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 16, 2013
Wheels with air bags deploy before accident to prevent paint scratch?
Jonny Carter Feb 16, 2013
Jonny Carter Feb 16, 2013
Zombie destroying wherls
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 16, 2013
I think they might be some sort of sensors maybe for vibrations
Brad Henson Feb 16, 2013
Dope ass wheels!
Jommel Marcella Feb 16, 2013
What are those on the wheels?
Dave Hynes Feb 16, 2013
Those are some crazy wheels
Jonny Carter Feb 16, 2013
Cindy Ngo Feb 16, 2013
More like the A1
Tara Fitria Feb 16, 2013
Sorry that's for the rs1
Tara Fitria Feb 16, 2013
I read online that its 35,000 euros, at current exchange rates that's ~47,500
Tara Fitria Feb 16, 2013
There is usually a high cost to go with the increase in quality
Diana De Van Feb 16, 2013
incredible looks.
Petro Maalouf Feb 16, 2013
This thing is amazing
Nick Schnee Feb 16, 2013
As far as I know this has already been built, this is the A1 quattro.
matthew barrett Feb 16, 2013
It was a limited edition run, only 333 were produced (the UK got 19). It has the 252bhp 2litre from the old s3 and costs around �40,000 (maybe about $65,000?).
Mikey Jenkins Feb 16, 2013
This should be made looks amazing