Comments - VW Releases Special Transporter

Published: Feb 15, 2013
Description: There's not much that's sexy about a German delivery van, but Volkswagen's commercial vehicles division is trying their darnedest with this special Transporter. Differentiating this Tra...
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Mike Renaut Feb 16, 2013
CTRL C, CTRL V straight from the press release eh?
Mike Renaut Feb 16, 2013
(And yeah I realise this is a VW)
Mike Renaut Feb 16, 2013
Someone needs to give AMG a call to work a little magic. Ford's done three Supervans and an ST Transit time for Merc to follow.
matthew barrett Feb 15, 2013
You wouldn't think this design was 10 years old.
Jommel Marcella Feb 15, 2013
Ed Ashby Feb 15, 2013
Everyone I know in the south west of England, including both brothers, have t5 (or t4) vans with big rims for surfing and camping. It's compulsory
Wmg Chinchilla Feb 15, 2013
..Get a couple of Kalashnikov's, Imagine how much 7.62x39 this could carry.
Wmg Chinchilla Feb 15, 2013
I wish they would sell this thing here. It certainly looks better than most of the vans on the road today. Plus with a Diesel engine it would make one hell of a road-trip/camp/bug-out vehicle.