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Published: Feb 15, 2013
Description: It's taken a while, but the McLaren 12C has slowly found its way to tuning houses across the world, with Europeans particularly fond of the V8 turbo-powered supercar. The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLare...
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Connor Scanlon Feb 16, 2013
Ruining the car.
Description: Power and exclusivity is something that the McLaren SLR722 already has in abundance, but that didn't deter Wheelsandmore from developing a tuning kit to give it that little bit more. By remapping...
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Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 18, 2013
This car just can't get old.. It gets fresher in my eyes year by year.. Few car companies does that really and the porsche 911 is one of them,,, i like the 722s tho
Jacob Burford Feb 16, 2013
Love this car!
Jake Dula Feb 15, 2013
I never liked the look of this thing. Looks like the green goblin
Sean Gillespie Feb 15, 2013
Dustin Schoenith Feb 15, 2013
Love this except for the red on the wheels
Sergio Cornejo Feb 15, 2013
my dream car!
Greg Kenerly Feb 17, 2013
Phillip. What kind of BMW?
Philip Sweeney Feb 15, 2013
Have a bmw myself - but this is sweet!
Jordan Nishida Feb 15, 2013
Love it
Frankie Ferreira Feb 15, 2013
Mother of god
Janak Solanki Feb 15, 2013
Oh he'll yes
Description: Hamann's agenda for their take on the MP4-12C was to reduce the supercar's concave surfaces, implement essential F1 features, adapt GT3 elements both aesthetically and functionally, and crea...
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Jake Judges Feb 15, 2013
Where's the baby blue version if this carbuzz?
Darian Vorlick Feb 16, 2013
This definitely brings out the family ties to the McLaren F1.
Cindy Ngo Feb 15, 2013
Better then the others
Logan Bartnick Feb 15, 2013
I like this one.
Description: Dubbed "Toxique Evil", Wheelsandmore's tuning kit for the 12C is made up of performance and styling enhancements. Steering and handling were improved by lowering the supercar's PCC...
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Roberto Ortiz Feb 19, 2013
@ahmed ! Not 3.8 (v8) i dont think so!
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 18, 2013
590 from a 3.8 litre ,, that's what we call technology
Jacob Burford Feb 16, 2013
I prefer stock when it comes to the MP4, but this is nice!
Philipp Kentner Feb 16, 2013
Nick Mitchell Feb 16, 2013
Love the simplicity!
Chris Gaines Feb 16, 2013
that offset stripe and lip are perfect
Zac D'Anna Feb 16, 2013
Simple and clean is the way to go
Nick Schnee Feb 15, 2013
Oh yes, now we're talking. Extremely good job on this one WAM!
Adam Thomson Feb 15, 2013
This is the best
Jon Strahs Feb 15, 2013
Winner winner chicken dinner
Description: US-based Mercedes specialist RENNtech's McLaren SLR convertible is finished in yellow, a similar paint job to the recently revealed SLS AMG Black Series that wowed the crowds of the 2012 LA Auto ...
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Jake Dula Feb 15, 2013
Holy crap that's a lotta power. Jeremy would approve... Not that anyone cares what the orangutan thinks lol
Jayson Lankster Feb 19, 2013
They didn't change it, man. Lol
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 18, 2013
Front bumper is overdone .. Ugly
Jacob Burford Feb 16, 2013
The yellow actually works!
Gabija Arlickaite Feb 16, 2013
I freakin love this color
Tyler Wallace Feb 15, 2013
I love yellow
Taylor Rosello Feb 15, 2013
It looks good in this color
Taylor Garry Feb 15, 2013
Not like tinting tail lights costs more on one car from another
Johnny Matias Feb 15, 2013
Probably had the same amount of cylinders too...
Drew Humphrey Feb 15, 2013
Ruined. My friend bought his truck for $1k and the taillights look the same.
Description: As per FAB-Design's Terso body kit for the MP4-12C coupe, this Spider boasts a redesigned front end with bigger air intakes, side skirts, side vents with a carbon blade and a new rear bumper with...
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Jake Dula Feb 15, 2013
It sure ain't good lookin
Drew Humphrey Feb 15, 2013
They're only making ten because no one likes it lol.
Jacob Burford Feb 16, 2013
Not a fan!
Chris Gaines Feb 16, 2013
nvm terso
Chris Gaines Feb 16, 2013
it would have been fine, until I saw the turbo sticker... honestly?
Adam Thomson Feb 16, 2013
Every car from FAB design/ Office K should be burned to death....
Chushen Jin Feb 15, 2013
Agree with Jack
Garrett Murrell Feb 15, 2013
Take the crap of that car right now
Drew Humphrey Feb 15, 2013
Kill it now!
Read Mills Feb 16, 2013
VV. Yo dawg... We heard you like spoilers, so we put a spoiler on your spoiler!
Cole Ricard Feb 15, 2013
A spoiler above a spoiler? Why?
Dale McIntyre Feb 15, 2013
Fuarking biuriful
Ed Ashby Feb 15, 2013