Comments - Mercedes CLK Black by Prior Design

Published: Feb 15, 2013
Description: German tuning firm Prior Design has unveiled photos and details regarding its latest project, a body kit that will make a Mercedes-Benz CLK look like a CLK63 AMG Black Series via a new widebody aerody...
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Shelby Cassandra Feb 15, 2013
No, that really is very reasonable. A CF hood for my car cost me like $1400 alone.
Ryan Spencer Feb 15, 2013
5,000 euros really isn't all that much for a full kit. Not bad.
Colby Church Feb 15, 2013
My dad had an 03 CLK 55 AMG for a while. It was pretty nice, and pretty fast too.
Vinny Coppola Feb 15, 2013
To me these were the last of the great mercedes. I'm not feeling any of the new ones at all. They all look alike, when you saw these models you knew it was a Benz
Aziz Umarov Feb 15, 2013
Why to creat body kit for old model of Merc, I think better to create for new C class or E class
Blake Antil Feb 15, 2013
Holy wheel arches.
Ljubisa Lupo Petrovski Feb 15, 2013
BFH Wiz Chirurgisch hcv5377? Jhgffhbzfh(;))hggttrouuuuffggghhdfug
Adam Thomson Feb 15, 2013
Clarkson Loves this car...
Drew Humphrey Feb 15, 2013
Mikey Jenkins Feb 16, 2013
The bonnet looks pish standard cleaner looking please Could do with darker lights too add to the aggression
Philip Sweeney Feb 15, 2013
Gloss black spoiler really lifts this back end.