Comments - Cigarette Speedboat Packs SLS Electric Drive

Published: Feb 15, 2013
Description: If you're a regular reader here at CarBuzz, we know what you're thinking: AMG and Cigarette already released a speedboat together just the other day. But now they're back with another. ...
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Matty Michaels Feb 15, 2013
Matte chrome yellow? Is this also a large small boat?
Jared Joyner Feb 15, 2013
Water and electricity don't mix we'll don't they know that
Marcos Collazo Feb 15, 2013
If you've seen boats that run 100+ they drink fuel like water. I wouldn't be shocked if this did the same or worse!
Frederick Perez Feb 15, 2013
What's with the boat and car showcase here at CB?
Gabriel Scott Feb 15, 2013
That's badass even for an electric
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 15, 2013
I'm with Ben as well.. But 100mph on water is crazy fast
Ferniand Silvia Feb 15, 2013
I'm with Ben, how long will it run and how much will it cost to recharge. Because it could potentially save (dare I say) a boat load of money, rather than refueling a beast like that.
Shelby Cassandra Feb 15, 2013
Should have went with the blue chromed one. It would have went better with the boat (assuming it actually hits water in its life).
David Parenti Feb 15, 2013
I want the car more than the boat.
Ben Norton Feb 15, 2013
Looks great and is insanely fast! I wonder how long the boat can go before recharging
Description: So while the electric SLS produces 740 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque, the Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept churns out 2,220 hp and 2212 lb-ft. That's enough to propel the speedboat to a ...
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Ashton Summers Feb 16, 2013
Everything is better with throttles. They should have throttles on cars. The tumbler has one.
Gray Conron Feb 15, 2013
That yellow is the color of my iPhone, don't judge
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 15, 2013
Needs more yellow
Jake Trumbull Feb 17, 2013
I'm with William on this one. They wouldn't put this thing out, if it ever goes out, on the water without it being a completely sealed and watertight electrical system. It's not like there is gonna be any exposed wiring of any kind.
William Downs Feb 16, 2013
Why not like it can electrocute you, ever drop a battery in the tub.. Nothing happens, battery's can't just discharge on there own
Ashton Summers Feb 16, 2013
Don't want to be in the water when this thin starts to take on water.
Nick Schnee Feb 15, 2013
This'll chop everything to pieces that gets too close...
David Parenti Feb 15, 2013
Don't wanna be anywhere near this thing when it starts to take on water.