Comments - Chevy Developing All-New 2015 Cruze

Published: Feb 15, 2013
Description: These are the very first spy shots of the all-new 2015 Chevrolet Cruze. A new and more rounded front end coupled with a longer rear gives the new model a sleeker look when compared to the current Cruz...
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Jon Ashley Feb 17, 2013
liking the agressive new look
Rick Feeney Feb 16, 2013
I hope they redesign the headlight. I've never been fond of the cruzes' lights. I'd probably go with a sonic
Dylan Gomes Feb 15, 2013
looks more like a bigger Sonic sedan with all of this camo
Jimmy Case Feb 15, 2013
The Malibu and NEW Impala have beautiful interiors. Cruze in riots are bad at all for where they are priced on the market.
Dylan Bruder Feb 15, 2013
Looking forward to the diesel cruze
Tyler Ray DeFord Feb 15, 2013
The Spark at the Indy Auto show was horrendous. I felt like I was in a powerwheels car
Mike Carbaugh Feb 15, 2013
I saw the new impala at the DC car show and I thought everything about it looked great
Tyler Wallace Feb 15, 2013
It's Chevy do it prolly won't be any good
Bader Al Ajeel Feb 15, 2013
It looks like sonic sedan
Tanton Stoneman Feb 15, 2013
Should any of us be shocked?
Max Dell Feb 15, 2013
I hope it's not ugly! Chevy has done some crack jobs on the interiors lately also! Like the 2014 Impala that is way over done and odd, the Malibu interior that screams cheap and fugly. I hope they do a good job, add led in such.
Dylan Bruder Feb 15, 2013
These have good interior room
Chad Romo Feb 15, 2013
Acura shape and lense
Shelby Cassandra Feb 15, 2013
*You're* an idiot.
Zac William Feb 15, 2013
@Max your an idiot
Nodnarb Ydil Feb 15, 2013
It's camouflage. The tail lights won't look anything like that
Max Dell Feb 15, 2013
The tail lights don't look like a good sign, it's most likely going to be ugly. Chevy is so afraid to cannibalize* on their own line up, fools they are!
Felix E. Romier Jul 04, 2013
Lol the rear tires
Matthew Barrett Feb 15, 2013
The other car is an Opel/ Vauxhall Insignia Tourer (basically a Buick Regal Wagon), not an Audi :-)
Tom Ippolito Feb 15, 2013
Looks like Audi tail lights to me
Bader Al Ajeel Feb 15, 2013
Maybe volvo
Daniel Kenneth Babler Feb 15, 2013
What wagon is that?
Malachi Monteiro Feb 15, 2013
LoL just driving around in the snow "hello other camouflage car!"