Comments - Viper Sold Out, Roadster Coming

Published: Feb 14, 2013
Description: The 2013 SRT Viper is such a hit that its initial run of 800 units has already been sold out. This news comes to us from a report by Ward's Auto. What's even more interesting here is that, a...
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Markel Brown Feb 15, 2013
There's a Base model and then there's a GTS model.
Alex Smith Feb 15, 2013
GTS-R is the racing spec one I'm pretty sure.
Franklin Barfield Feb 14, 2013
There are currently two models on the driveSRT website: SRT Viper and SRT Viper GTS (although they also mention a GTS-R which must be soon coming).
Alex Smith Feb 14, 2013
I thought the GTS was the only level of the SRT Viper right now...
Luke Purdy Feb 14, 2013
Jordan's right
Jordan Smith Feb 14, 2013
There's the base SRT Viper and then the SRT Viper GTS which is the track focused model and it also has more leather and whatnot in the interior.
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Feb 14, 2013
I thought the GTS version was less track focused and just had some extra luxury features
Vince DeMasi Feb 14, 2013
Well it is a viper, production costs to make the car are probably high and I'm assuming they want to keep a level of exclusivity.
Matt Close Feb 14, 2013
I was under the impression that the SRT was the sportier version and the GTS was the base model, albeit lighter.
Jeremy Kertgate Feb 14, 2013
Why tho? Can they not?
Jonathan Tjandra Feb 15, 2013
Aaron Crisp Feb 15, 2013
Where are you at Tyler? They love Vegas :) warm and dry here. I even confirmed they were pre production models with Ralph Gilles on Twitter. He is the man!
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
Dang you've seen 3?! I still have yet to see one
Aaron Crisp Feb 14, 2013
Meh, I've seen 3 in person and I think they look amazing, as always. Can't wait to see a C7.
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
Much prefer this to the less sleek Vette! This and the Ford GT are certainly my favorite American cars!
Franklin Barfield Feb 14, 2013
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This car is hot. The Stingray is hotter. I've yet to see one of these on the street and I live in California & work in the Bay Area. All the pics I've seen of the production SRT Viper appear to have excellent body panel gaps. Still no match for the Stingray. Can't believe I just said that about GM but they are building excellent cars now.
Aaron Crisp Feb 14, 2013
Panel gaps? Lol Ralph Gilles said that was only on the pre production model, and also took pictures of a customers model and it had zero gap.
Luke Purdy Feb 14, 2013
Eh I'm still not taking in by the C7, I'll go with this
David Gomez Feb 14, 2013
Oh yeah this is a notch above the c7 in aggressiveness.
Tyler Williamson Feb 14, 2013
Why not a George Foreman grill?
Zaire Wilkins Feb 14, 2013
I get confused with this and a viper now from the front
Ashton Summers Feb 14, 2013
No, a Rolls Royce grill. That would be better.
Harrison Trapnell Feb 14, 2013
What grill would you want then? A BMW one? A Ferrari f50 one?!
Joe Hero Feb 14, 2013
I said it before I'll say it again, that fucking grill... I hate it! Only blemish on this car v.v
Victor Pitts Feb 14, 2013
@Tarbox@Jay Right?! This guuuuy!
Brandon Chamberlain Feb 14, 2013
Corvettes are shit. Vipers are easily better and more badass
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
@Jay. Been watching too much Top Gear there buddy?
Jay Kolvenbag Feb 14, 2013
The gaps between the panels are HUUGEE
Tim Preisinger Feb 14, 2013
You can't go wrong with either.
William Downs Feb 14, 2013
I gotta agree with Colby, I think the new vette looks a lot more angry then the new viper, but the last gen viper had the vette on the evil looks, viper still looks like a viper just looks more curvy and sexy then down rite aggressive... But that's my opinion, either one is the correct choice
Aj White Feb 14, 2013
@Leonard Sorry guy but they've already said they won't sell the Viper in Europe
Danny Rodriiguez Feb 14, 2013
I imagine those 10 pistons rumbling around a winding road. :D
Leonard Pai Chidamwoyo Feb 14, 2013
I agree with u there Oscar
Oscar Galvan Feb 14, 2013
Ok I could see you liking the c7 more ,that's just personal opinion, but in no way is it more sinister looking than the viper
Leonard Pai Chidamwoyo Feb 14, 2013
I hope they bring this bad boy to Europe,this might be the only American super car that will sell well here.Or sell it as an Alfa like they had intended
Colby Church Feb 14, 2013
Stingray>Viper. The Stingray looks so much more sinister.
Greg Kenerly Feb 14, 2013
I love the C7 but a Viper is up there on my dream list. Although, I could have 2 C7s for the same price...Black and blue or black and red?
Amer Tawil Feb 14, 2013
I think the viper looks way better than the c7
Description: At the same time, Gilles confirmed that a convertible version of the Viper will also arrive in a few years' time, although he couldn't provide a definitive date just yet. Unlike the original...
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Bennett Lugosi Feb 15, 2013
I think they are going 2 update it 2014 and then come out with the roadster
Alex Smith Feb 14, 2013
Wasn't 2015 when they said they were gonna update it?
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
@Aiden. Yeah you're right you can find some incredible deals on sweet cars out there.
Aiden Bass Feb 14, 2013
You can get these in great condition for $40K at some of those low-key auctions. Hell, a good friend of mine got an '05 M3 with 80K miles for $9K
Franklin Barfield Feb 14, 2013
This was the best looking generation of Viper until now. It may have been slightly better looking in coupe form than a C6 but the convertibles were a wash.
David Gomez Feb 14, 2013
This one beat the c6 in looks also.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
Me too. Still looks good.
Austin Bride Feb 14, 2013
Still love this gen
Jorge Gonzalez Feb 15, 2013
I want you to see our torch red 96 c4 in person and see if it doesn't turn heads. I used to think like you till we got this one.
Dylan Reece Feb 14, 2013
It's just so 90's I hated it but now it's freakin gorgeous hahaha
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
@David. Just about everything beat the C4 in looks. Lol
Rohil Chauhan Feb 14, 2013
So badass love it
Mikey Jenkins Feb 14, 2013
This is stunning wheels suit it Prefer this too the newer ones
Jonny Carter Feb 14, 2013
Sat in one identical to this the other day!!!! Felt like heaven
David Gomez Feb 14, 2013
This beat the c4 in looks also.
Kyle McCullough Feb 14, 2013
The wheels suck, but I love everything else
Ryan Faber Feb 14, 2013
my first crush
Brandon Chamberlain Feb 14, 2013
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
@Aj. That's his point
Aj White Feb 14, 2013
@Nawwaf Previous? This is the original.