Comments - Top 5 Luxed-Up Superminis

Published: Feb 14, 2013
Description: The scale of automotive luxury used to be fairly straight-forward: the bigger the car, the more luxurious. But these days customers demand premium amenities and accoutrements in smaller cars that they...
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Description: Perhaps the most obvious example is the Aston Martin Cygnet. The Brits essentially took a Toyota/Scion iQ, gave it some new bodywork and outfitted the interior to Aston Martin standards. The resul...
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Thibault Leroy Feb 14, 2013
Chris Friend Feb 14, 2013
It's a good solid and well thought out idea but it does hurt the brand's prestige.
Clinton Burger Apr 05, 2013
Zach, how is this a poor man's Aston when in order to own this car, you must first in order own an Aston Martin.
Noah schlegel Mar 30, 2013
awesome I would by it
Cindy Ngo Feb 15, 2013
Zach Gathercole Feb 14, 2013
The poor mans aston
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
They only made this car for two reason! 1: To boost revenue 2: They were getting taxed like hell due to CO2 regulations, and needed some cleaner in there lineup! I know this car sucks, but it does have a point!
Ashton Summers Feb 14, 2013
A beaver magnet.
Alex Bouckley Feb 14, 2013
Do they sell these in the US?
David Jefferis Feb 14, 2013
Butt-ugly hideosity that should make Aston Martin thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
Tyler Wallace Feb 14, 2013
This is only number one because people who make it
Matthew van der Linde Feb 14, 2013
What a horrible bastardisation of the aston martin brand.
Isaac Taylor Feb 14, 2013
I've known about this car for awhile but it still doesn't feel right to have an Aston Martin badge on this car
Adam Thomson Feb 14, 2013
Its a rebadged Toyota IQ
Jake Dula Feb 14, 2013
I don't know that I would mind this if they had done some performance upgrades. I mean, even 50 more hp in a car this size would make it a little beast.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Feb 14, 2013
I saw one yesterday, and I don't know if the exaust were aftermarket, but the noise was really good for that car! I culd say that I liked it.
楊易安 Feb 17, 2013
i saw the interior better than this one somewhere(on internet) for same car
Description: Seeing what Aston could do with the Cygnet, some bean-counters at BMW put their two British brands to work on a joint project. The result is the Mini Inspired by Goodwood. Craftsmen at Rolls-Royce hav...
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Cindy Ngo Feb 15, 2013
Not body kited?
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
I love minis, but I hate all these poshed up versions.
Gustavo Kelso Apr 21, 2013
This is beautiful
Clinton Burger Apr 05, 2013
What's wrong with the interior?
Connor Scanlon Feb 15, 2013
I agree. People say it grows on you but why should you have to put up with your car...
Lead Peddalin Feb 15, 2013
I hate Mini interiors. It's the reason I will never own one.
Ashton Summers Feb 14, 2013
Would drive this thing barefoot with all that wool.
Tyler Wallace Feb 14, 2013
Love this cock pit
Description: At one end of the Italian automotive industry you'll find the Fiat brand and its Abarth performance division. At the other you'll find the likes of Maserati and Ferrari. But even that can be...
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Gustavo Kelso Apr 21, 2013
Maserati rims
Carlos Munoz Mardones Feb 15, 2013
this one is cool
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 14, 2013
Nice color.
Chris Friend Feb 14, 2013
Ferrari 500
Adam Thomson Feb 14, 2013
Im liking this interior
Description: When Audi set out to take on the premium supermini segment, it started out with the VW Polo, but the transformation into the Audi A1 was far more comprehensive than that applied to the Cygnet, Goodwoo...
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Greg Van Nov 29, 2013
Yes please
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
I actually kind of like these!
Description: Citroen didn't go quite as far transforming the budget-oriented C3 hatchback into the DS3, but has distinguished its premium supermini just the same. Targeting the likes of the aforementioned Min...
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Jake Dula Feb 14, 2013
The DS3 rally cars are beastly, and then they put Loeb in the drivers seat and nobody else stood a chance lol
Alex Bouckley Feb 14, 2013
Love the b pillar
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
Agree David! Very cool car!
David Lee Feb 14, 2013
It's not the same person (I don't think) I think it's some little kid who is otherwise uncool. Other than that, this car is beautiful.
Logan Delony Feb 14, 2013
Lmfao vvvvv
Alex Bouckley Feb 14, 2013
Oh god he's back...
Ben Taylor Feb 14, 2013
I ha on I these
Tino Domingue Feb 14, 2013
British racing green Italian red (rosso corsa) German silver arrows Bleu de France Japan white (w/the rising sun)
Rodrigo Allen Feb 14, 2013
Blue is France's racing color isn't it?