Comments - The Brain Inside a Koenigsegg

Published: Feb 14, 2013
Description: There's more to any car than just an engine, gearbox and body. There needs to be a system that brings them all together allow the car to reach its full potential. But when it comes to a Koenigseg...
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Davidia Romozzi Feb 18, 2013
Sexy and streamline
Description: Like all other major components, this software is developed in-house. As the company's E-Controller Developer Mattias Rosengren explains the details of his work, it's evidently clear this is...
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Yury Nemtsov Jun 08, 2013
His engineer is so funny-like he was unawares taken from toilet:)
Wyatt Gordon Feb 15, 2013
This is my favorite Agera R, this white one with the sweet red and blue stripes
Elijah Chet Roseberry Feb 15, 2013
God isn't that the
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
Amazing car, although how will anyone be able to afford it in Sweden with their tax rates!
Dylan Bruder Feb 15, 2013
This thing just looks incredible
Derek Soanes Feb 14, 2013
Nice flower store
Derek Soanes Feb 14, 2013
Ben do you ha this
Ben Taylor Feb 14, 2013
Mike Bradnan Feb 15, 2013
I don't get white. White on a car doesn't work for me.
Facundo Planas Martinelli Feb 15, 2013
Interiors... the only thing I dont like in the Agera (besides not having one)
Tyler Wallace Feb 15, 2013
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 14, 2013
Can I just buy the wheel only? I would have to sell my car to own a wheel.
Ashton Summers Feb 14, 2013
If only you could get quality this good from IKEA.
Felix Rhett Feb 15, 2013
Yeah the koenigsegg isn't as fancy as a pagani, but I like it more. My guess is that the agera would smoke a huayra around the track.
Ben Knorr Feb 14, 2013
I agree with Franklin 100%.
Austin Sullivan Feb 14, 2013
Hey guys, I love both... What's wrong with that? They're small car companies designing cars just because it's what they love to do. Each one has it's pros and cons, but they're both amazing.
Matt Piccolo Feb 14, 2013
IMHO, the huayra is the ugliest Pagani in history. I don't know what it is about that car, but I find it strangely unattractive. And I LOVE pagani's!
Zaire Wilkins Feb 14, 2013
Stephen Cobbs Feb 14, 2013
Agera R > Huayra
Chase Fecko Feb 14, 2013
I would like to see it around the top gear track .
Ashton Summers Feb 14, 2013
William, land an agent yet for the book you just wrote.
William Downs Feb 14, 2013
Koenigsegg in my eyes is the best car company around rite now, every single aspect of there cars are designed, developed, built and tested in house, nothing is pulled from another company, and the Agera is just plain sexy and sound like a monster.. Pagani is rite there in respect with koenigsegg... An amazing company to say the least, but I'm just not overly joyed at there looks
William Downs Feb 14, 2013
No one has really taken an Agera around a track yet, people have been on tracks with them, for like track days and stuff, butas far as iI'm aware of no one has raced one on a circuit yet,if im wrong please correct me and share the goodies
Chris Andrews Feb 14, 2013
I believe the tyres are Michelin pilot super sports anyone know for sure?
Oscar Galvan Feb 14, 2013
Still both genius masterpieces.
Oscar Galvan Feb 14, 2013
Well the Keonigsegg has(had) the world record on 0-180-0 and that's an impressive feat
Franklin Barfield Feb 14, 2013
Both are engineering masterpieces but I'm sorry, the Agera R and every Koenigsegg ever built is not what I'd call 'ugly as sin', but they aren't pretty. If form following function was the aim then the Agera R is a success because aesthetically while laudably masculine it is still a bit odd looking, while the Pagani Huayra posseses a timeless beauty... jewel-like and curvy like a beautiful woman.
Oscar Galvan Feb 14, 2013
Idk to me there both great but it's comparing apples and oranges, some people will prefer one over the other. Still both great cars.
Adam Thomson Feb 14, 2013
Id take this over an Huayra
Chester Lam Feb 19, 2013
Trademark doors
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
Sweden at its best!
Varinder Pawar Feb 14, 2013
Engineering brilliance