Posted on: Feb 14, 2013
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Lykan Hypersport Interior Revealed

Brochure reveals the cabin of the $3.4 million Arab supercar.
We revealed earlier this week that more than 100 requests have been made for the Arab world's first supercar, yet only now have pictures of its interior surfaced. Unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show with blacked-out windows firmly rolled up, W Motors' Lykan Hypersport has become something of an enigma, a direct result perhaps of its $3.4 million price tag. So what sort of interior do you get for that much money? For starters there's a virtual holographic display with interactive motion controls and a digital cluster with customizable display.

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The layout also sports an avant-garde design, while the seats are made of a wrap-around carbon-fiber body shell and the key made of carbon-fiber, titanium and precious stones. As well as the diamond-encrusted LED lights, the seven Lykan Hypersports W Motors intends to build will be offered with bespoke finishes bejeweled in diamond, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. It also comes with a $200,000 Cyrus Klepcy watch. To recap on the Lykan's performance capabilities, power is said to come from a mid-mounted twin-turbo flat-six engine that produces 750 hp and 737 lb-ft of torque, translating to a 0-62 mph time of 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 245 mph.


by Adam Lynton
Lykan Hypersport Interior Revealed

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