Comments - Hyundai Drives on Two Wheels

Published: Feb 14, 2013
Description: Arab gearheads seem to have plenty of odd hobbies these days, and sometimes they can be just outright dangerous. That makes it fun to watch for the rest of us. But this scene of automotive two-wheeled...
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Description: Then the car goes on its other two wheels and the whole rear wheel removal process is repeated. All of this cheap entertainment happens with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" soundtrack blastin...
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Elton Marroquin Mar 15, 2013
It's fake ! How is only two wheels spinning ?
Micah Buffat Feb 20, 2013
It's just like the Saab suite
Carlos Dorantes Feb 16, 2013
Maybe its a new technique to avoid getting hit by hellfire missiles??
Kody Grisham Feb 16, 2013
Oil pressure goes to shit at angles that steep, terrible on the motor to be run like that.
Mohammed Shafe'e Johar Feb 15, 2013
Pros ma ye7taj :D
Haamas Kariym Feb 15, 2013
This looks like fun
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 15, 2013
Why Hyundai ? Should had been a commercial footage for Super Bowl. Why not do this to a bus?
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 15, 2013
So worried for America. Imagine what they can do when hijack a plane. They ride this car like a camel. Talented mofo.
Zeus Mocha Feb 15, 2013
Haha this was awesome. We need more crazy middle eastern videos.
حمين ماكو Feb 15, 2013
Believe they wouldn't do it unless they r sure they they can do it...
Dylan Bruder Feb 15, 2013
If they landed back on hand torqued lug nuts that's nuts
Dale Schroeder Feb 14, 2013
That guy has to be a professional stunt driver. Or at least he ought to be.
Ghaith AL-sharari Feb 14, 2013
وش فيهم ثولي ياخي منقهرين منا دايمن
Kevin Blockley Feb 14, 2013
Not easy!!! Should be enough .
Alex Renaud Feb 14, 2013
I wonder how difficult it is to do that.
Jesse Andersen Feb 14, 2013
That was awesome. And anyone that's mad, they used a Hyundai, not a white BMW so chill out.
Frankie Ferreira Feb 14, 2013
Ashton Summers Feb 14, 2013
One word. Opium.
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Feb 16, 2013
Pshhhht I can do that
Jommel Marcella Feb 15, 2013
He's crazy, trying to steal the wheel. lol
Zeus Mocha Feb 15, 2013
It's kinda complicated. Have you ever had a car hoisted and tried to put it in drive? Sometimes the wheels move in opposite directions. Sometimes only one moves. I actually don't know the full reason behind this but yes it is possible.
Zac D'Anna Feb 15, 2013
Nice rust on a fairly new car :/
Joshua Basse Feb 15, 2013
I may be missing something but in the video and this pic. it looks like the front wheel that was off the ground wasn't turning. I would assume the Hyundai is FWD so shouldn't it be rotating as well. Please explain this to me.
Ben Taylor Feb 14, 2013
Omg wtf
Jommel Marcella Feb 15, 2013
Just insane!
Michael Riley Feb 15, 2013
you know it's a rental lmao collision insurance xD
Ahmed Barrasali Feb 14, 2013
the driver is totally crazy..... awesome..