Comments - Cars Nobody Asked For: Honda Element

Published: Feb 14, 2013
Description: The cars which automakers build for young people are some of the best examples of just how hilariously out of touch companies can be with their customer bases. The Honda Element was the vehicular equi...
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Benjamin McCormick Feb 14, 2013
This is the first serious miscue in this series. The Element isn't a terrible car at all. It sold well, was fun to drive, and people bought it because it was utilitarian and versatile...exactly why Honda made it in the first place.
Alex Renaud Feb 14, 2013
I realize that it seats only 4 because of the way that the rear seats are stowed on the rear inside walls, but a vehicle that size should seat at least 5 people.
Abas Hussain Alshaikh Feb 14, 2013
I asked for the car
Ezra Diaz Feb 14, 2013
OMG so much memories in this car! My first job was delivering cookies in it and i also got to use it personally. It was perfect! The perfect height not too low not too high. Just get in and out. I also had sex in the back!
Jeremy Stewart Feb 14, 2013
My guidance counselor actually does drive one of these......
Patrick Schalk Feb 14, 2013
If I was going for practicality I'd get a Jeep, which is why I have one. They are more fun than an Element. I understand why people bought these though
Cory Deines Feb 14, 2013
This may be a car nobody asked for, but a lot of people answered anyway. The Element is slow and ugly, but holy crap is it practical. My buddy had one of these and it definitely won me over. Good car.
Lou Guerrero Feb 14, 2013
David, I agree. I'd laugh if someone offered me one but its just not for me. However, I'd recommend this anyone with an active lifestyle looking a practical set of wheels.
Henz Herrero Feb 14, 2013
My frienda has one.. Few cars cam beat its practicality.. And i personally dont think its ugly but im a fan of boxy escapes and pathfinders too..
Michael Mayfield Feb 14, 2013
"Articles nobody asked for"
Matt Piccolo Feb 14, 2013
Not that I would ever buy one, but this wasn't a bad car. It was a huge sales success for Honda. Don't see why it's in this series.
Zachary Maurer Feb 14, 2013
My parents have one, the most practical thing on the road basically, it's a great car, the road noise is bad though
Austin Lerner Feb 14, 2013
The element was my first car... Not a fan of the design but hey, a cars a car
Griffin Ross Feb 14, 2013
Yes I have one and it's amazing for putting whatever you want inside on on my rack, also handles great in snow and off road with awd. Disappointed to see this car on this list, really great car.
Griffin Ross Feb 14, 2013
Had mine since 03 when they came out btw.
Jonathan Bowen Feb 14, 2013
Judging by how many people bought this car, liked it, and used it for its exact intentions, I'd say a lot of people were asking for this car.
Jeromie Snavely Feb 14, 2013
i happen to love the element. i've had mine for 3 1/2 years. sure it's a hate it or love it style. it's a great road tripper as well,
Jake Dula Feb 14, 2013
I've always liked the Element too. I mean, yes it's ugly and dull to drive, but it's a really nice car to live with. I'm not really sure what CB is thinking on this one.
Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 14, 2013
It was a thoroughly practical car. Yeah, it looked like it had been jit by an ugly stick, but it was practical. Like the Mazda 6 with three sets of seating, and the original minivan, it was also different. I liked it. Fix the design, and it probably would still be around.
Dylan Bruder Feb 14, 2013
Sales aren't a part of what gets in here it's about filling a niche nobody was calling for
Brett Vincent Feb 14, 2013
I knew people who bought the element because they loved to bring their dog everywhere, and it's the worlds easiest interior to clean.
David Parenti Feb 14, 2013
I don't understand what the element is doing in this series. Granted I would never buy one, but Honda made and sold quite a few elements. They were and are still quite popular.
Jörgen Nilsson Feb 15, 2013
Noooo, Jacob. Leave this "must of been" to other people and show the world that we (from Sweden) know it is "must have been". Please. :-)
Ashton Summers Feb 15, 2013
@matt. Since old people decided that sex was no longer interesting. Or their doctor discouraged it.
Matt Piccolo Feb 14, 2013
@ Ashton, since when?
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
Who came up with the box design! He must of been blind!
Logan Delony Feb 14, 2013
I've ridden in one. The rear seating placement is very awkward. The rear seats nearly ouch the back door leaving no space for anything
Ashton Summers Feb 14, 2013
@Dale. That's because Honda and Toyota took Buick and Cadillac's role of 'old people' transportation. A beige Accord, a Kleenex holder in the console, and a subscription to consumer reports is like thee replacement for sex for some grey hairs.
Dale Schroeder Feb 14, 2013
Funny how they aimed this at the younger car buyers, but I've never seen anyone under the age of 40 driving one.
David Jefferis Feb 14, 2013
Ugh. I'll stick to my VW Transporter. Handy plastic panels and practicality, but can't think why Honda made it so lacking any kind of style.
Lou Guerrero Feb 14, 2013
Brian, the panels were designed with crashed and scrapes in mind. Pop a damaged quarter off and pop a new one on.
Greg Kenerly Feb 14, 2013
If I surfed...
Ryan Lopez Feb 14, 2013
But it works here
Brian Howard Feb 14, 2013
So much plastic!!!
Description: The Element came about as the result of a shift in Civic buyer demographics. Once the car of preference for college-age males, by 2003, the Civic was increasingly being bought by older and older custo...
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Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 14, 2013
I've got a beat up old 2001 Civic, and I'm only 17. I like it better than my dad's Mazdaspeed hatch, or my mom's Santa Fe. Sure, it's underpowered, but it's great fun, and holds any art projects or backpacks I can get in it. Great, great little car.
Darian Vorlick Feb 14, 2013
Got one of the first Elements in California and I love it. It's great for all the things I do; rock climbing, snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, skydiving, bouldering, parkour, and a few others. But with 269k miles on it, it'll be put to pasture soon.
Description: It was fairly inexpensive, had a good amount of interior space with doors that made it easily accessible and an interior that could be easily and quickly hosed down after you had gotten mud from your ...
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楊易安 Feb 17, 2013
the price tag of element is must cheaper than how much both outback and forester sold for sure
Jörgen Nilsson Feb 15, 2013
But an Outback or a Forrester wouldn't be as cheap, would it? Not in Europe anyway.
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 15, 2013
Id probably get a roof rack
Jackson Bond Feb 14, 2013
I'd get a Subaru outback or forester before this
Darian Vorlick Feb 14, 2013
It's a great vehicle. I love mine.
Mike Conrad Feb 14, 2013
I'm 22 and have been considering buying a used one.
Jonathan Bowen Feb 14, 2013
As a 22-year-old, I see a lot of use for this car. It's a very utilitarian car. To get the Element's level of usable space, you would typically have to buy a huge SUV that gets poor fuel economy.
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 14, 2013
So mountain bikers and surfers consider them selves cool don't think they would want to be seen in a car called element
David Parenti Feb 14, 2013
Where I live, a lot of people but a car based on surfing and mountain biking....
Tom Ippolito Feb 14, 2013
I always thought it looked like a Lego car no thanks I'd rather have a jeep wrangler than drive this ugly box
Zachary Maurer Feb 14, 2013
Robby, if you push the rear seats backwards they recline backwards
Robby N Raquel Stanley Feb 14, 2013
My grandmother has an element sc. Pretty cool car, but my god is the ride quality horrible in the back seat. Horrible!!! Plus the rear seats font tilt. Hope you like sitting at 90 degrees.
Matt Piccolo Feb 14, 2013
It's not a bad looking car when all the plastic is taken off lol
Troy Kessler Feb 14, 2013
Arnt to bad
Troy Kessler Feb 14, 2013
The ones without the textured cladding
Michael Nascimento Feb 14, 2013
I've always loved this car. It was so cool looking
Description: Of course, Honda couldn't have sold a "get high and play Xbox" car, but that doesn't mean that the Element was the next best thing. The central failing of the Element was that Hond...
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Milito Mayorga Feb 17, 2013
Civics are the best in MD
Tyler Wallace Feb 14, 2013
Lml get high and play Xbox
Description: Sales for the first couple of years were actually better than predicted, but it should be noted that Honda completely failed to capture its actual target demographic. The car was rather an accidental ...
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Chris Friend Feb 14, 2013
I loved the Element but its true; no one asked for this
David Jefferis Feb 14, 2013
Mk I Cube was great, then Nissan hit it with the ugly stick. Same story with Honda Mk IV Prelude, latest Euro Civic.
Lou Guerrero Feb 14, 2013
I wouldn't even agree with that. The MRS was a re-imagining of the original MR2 so unless that was marketed towards women then I can't get on board
Matt Piccolo Feb 14, 2013
I agree with Kyle though, the last gen mr-s could definitely b considered on that market though
Matt Piccolo Feb 14, 2013
@ John, the supra was in no way aimed at middle-aged women. The mr2 wasn't really either. Not sure where u got that from.
Kyle Rawn Feb 14, 2013
Woahhhh we're gonna need to see some sources when you post preposterous claims like that. Now, the 2000s MRSs I can see in that market.
Jonathan Bowen Feb 14, 2013
Auto manufacturers miss their target demographic all the time. The 90s Toyota MR2s and Supras were marketed to middle-aged women.
Jörgen Nilsson Feb 15, 2013
Chris: so it is fun just because you never drive stick shift in other cars? You need to get a proper car with stick shift...
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
It's not half bad considering it is a 2003 model!
Chris Gaines Feb 14, 2013
and it literally is one of the most fun cars I've ever driven just because I could shift my own gears. feels like you're driving a tank
Chris Gaines Feb 14, 2013
my uncle has one with a 5 speed,
Jimmy Bartolotta Feb 14, 2013
Either way this car is exactly what it is intended to be they just completely missed the mark on design which effectively put it into a whole other niche
Zach Gathercole Feb 14, 2013
I like the rubber on the floor it would be good on an offroad capable vehicle
Jimmy Bartolotta Feb 14, 2013
You can also take a hose and clean out the interior of a wrangler something that brought more interest to young males. The only problem at the time was the size which was fixed with the 4 door in 07. Now price is a problem...
Matt Piccolo Feb 14, 2013
I agree jake. Considering u could literally take a hose out and clean the interior, it's not half bad. And it was from 2003
Jake Dula Feb 14, 2013
The interior may not look great, but you can literally hose it out, and I think that's pretty cool. Usually that's a feature only on Military and Police vehicles.
Dylan Bruder Feb 14, 2013
Seats look like planks
Brian Howard Feb 14, 2013
Wow looks horrible
Anton Zhukov Feb 15, 2013
Extreme the max, bro!!!
Taylor J. Blake Feb 15, 2013
Surfing and snowboarding in one day??
Nick Benz Feb 14, 2013
Whoever was prop master for this shot is a massive imbecile. I know! Lets put all these things because im gonna do all this in one day! By myself nonetheless... Haha
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
Only good thing about this car right here
Description: What people really didn't like about the Element, though, was that it was downright ugly. Honda apparently mistook functional utility for purposely unattractive styling. The looks were perhaps be...
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James E Caldwell Feb 14, 2013
My element was a Surf/Ski/burning-man mobile. Loved it and everyone who got inside loved all the space. Since when are SUVs supposed to be cute and sleek. The unprinted body panels proved to be bullet proof, never showing scuffs or scratches.
Milito Mayorga Feb 17, 2013
B18 aren't so bad at all
Taylor J. Blake Feb 15, 2013
Lol vtec
David Guerrero Feb 14, 2013
I love VTEC. Innovation. Sounds great. Can't wait for the upcoming VTEC v8
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
Lol at VTEC
Darian Vorlick Feb 14, 2013
It's the K24 engine. Same engine in the TSX just outfitted differently. Higher torque but lower horsepower.
Zach Gathercole Feb 14, 2013
B series vtecs are the best
Danny Rodriiguez Feb 14, 2013
In a four pot category, the K20 isn't a bad engine, the stupid ones with my range of age just makes the look bad.
Dylan Bruder Feb 14, 2013
So* my iPod hates me today
Dylan Bruder Feb 14, 2013
The reason for the element being do slow
Zachary Sindelar Feb 14, 2013
I have to agree, I really want one now after reading all this.
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
Nice shot!
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
I would try to run and jump through there
Darian Vorlick Feb 14, 2013
I've camped out in mine at the beach dozens of times. The chairs fold out as a bed that's surprisingly comfortable.
John Hyland Feb 14, 2013
Same lol
Jonathan Bowen Feb 14, 2013
This article has made me want this car even more, especially after seeing all its utility features and reading the comments.
Brian Howard Feb 14, 2013
Was somebody sleeping in there?
Carlos Munoz Mardones Feb 15, 2013
it has a very modern design .....
Taylor J. Blake Feb 15, 2013
A truck is more useful I believe.
Tom Ippolito Feb 14, 2013
Haha just like a Pontiac Aztec I don't think I could stand being seen in this car
William Downs Feb 14, 2013
They are ugly but there so versatile and useful
Jake Dula Feb 14, 2013
Can't argue with that lol, but still a pretty good car
Adam Thomson Feb 14, 2013
Ugly as hell