Comments - Cadillac ELR Tests in the Snow

Published: Feb 14, 2013
Description: Underneath the svelte coupe body of the 2014 Cadillac ELR lurks the guts of the Chevy Volt sedan. Yet the ELR has a decidedly different suspension setup and runs on different tires, meaning that altho...
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Franklin Barfield Feb 14, 2013
My tax dollars haven't been completely wasted? Hooray! Maybe now they can sell some of these without a humongus government subsidy. I hate being victimized twice via my taxes over a car I have no interest in buying but have to subsidize people who do.
Description: The extended-range electric luxury vehicle's battery performance and range also had be validated in these extreme conditions, because something tells us most buyers wouldn't be too happy if...
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Franklin Barfield Feb 14, 2013
Actually looks pretty good.
Victor Pitts Feb 14, 2013
I'd buy that for a dollar!
Adam Thomson Feb 14, 2013
That grip!
Brendan Crawford Feb 14, 2013
Thumbs up!!!!
Colby Church Feb 14, 2013
Ha, so many haters. Cadillac is back, this car is nice.
Bobaloo Anderson Feb 14, 2013
Bet the shit box got stuck
Franklin Barfield Feb 14, 2013
I like it. The Volt should've looked like this and maybe someone other than the federal government might have bought more of this hybrid/electric nonsense.
Austin Whitener Feb 14, 2013
Sooo ugly
Max Kosmalski Feb 14, 2013
Ive seen a couple elrs on the road where i live