Comments - First Corvette Stingray Crashes in Arizona

Published: Feb 13, 2013
Description: It was bound to happen sooner or later, but we didn't think it'd be this soon. What you're looking at is the first crash of a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray on a public road. This ima...
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Jarrett Sheppard Aug 11, 2013
All these tough guys wanna turn off the electronic helpers.
Marshall Keller Feb 14, 2013
what road? where is this?
Jake Dula Feb 13, 2013
Whoever has done this shall be shot! Shoot him at once I say!
Jordan Smith Feb 13, 2013
Not yet. They start selling late summer I think.
Ryan Luellen Feb 13, 2013
They are for sale?
Adam Clump Feb 13, 2013
Yup, saw this on a flatbed when I was on my way home from work. Wish I was able to snap a pic. All sorts of test mules drive through here. First time I've seen a wrecked one.
Johnny Borders Top-Tech Feb 13, 2013
Maybe Mr. Bean will crash the next one
Pablo Herasme Feb 13, 2013
Its been a Month since its been unvield... Heres #1 for ya
Abraham Mendoza Feb 13, 2013
Rats wrong thread. Sorry guys.
Abraham Mendoza Feb 13, 2013
I like how when a Corvette crashes,"oh it can't turn", but when that SLS Black crashed and burned, no one said anything. Hypocrites man.
Lou Guerrero Feb 13, 2013
Correction, working it GM doesn't make you a test driver.
Zeus Mocha Feb 13, 2013
They aren't. Last I remember one of the head engineers was driving the blue one and his colleges were driving the black and (another color I forgot what it was) ones.
Lou Guerrero Feb 13, 2013
Money never buys common sense.
Chris Penza Feb 13, 2013
I didn't even think these were for sale yet
Jacob Viiper McCord Feb 13, 2013
It was a matter of time.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 13, 2013
There can't be that many on the road yet.
Preston Ming Feb 13, 2013
this kinda makes me sick to my stomach
Paul Dickey Feb 13, 2013
Haha yes! I was wondering if this was gonna be on here today.
Joel Pascual Feb 13, 2013
Chris Lopez Jun 05, 2013
Wow what a dumass
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 18, 2013
It looks way better wrecked
Michael Gallagher Feb 16, 2013
Cindy Ngo Feb 15, 2013
Yep it crashed
Anthony Boggs Feb 15, 2013
That was Fast
Robin Douglas Dawson Feb 15, 2013
Another plastic pig bites the dust.
Luis Machado Feb 15, 2013
Mamabicho hijoeputa
Alex Medvedev Feb 15, 2013
Andrew Soldat Feb 15, 2013
I'll take the motor if this guy doesn't want it hehe not that he deserves it anyway :)
Jacob Burford Feb 15, 2013
So all along we actually agreed!
Patrick Schalk Feb 14, 2013
I like at all cars, but I'll defend the cars that deserve more respect than they get.
Patrick Schalk Feb 14, 2013
Daily drive but I just don't wanna have to replace anything if something when wrong or fail. Just too expensive.
Patrick Schalk Feb 14, 2013
Highly capable cars. While still being under the price for an M3. I realize they are meant for different people and obviously the M3 has a nicer interior. I'm speaking in terms of performance. I'd love to have an M5 and have looked at used ones for a
Patrick Schalk Feb 14, 2013
I'm not saying that M3s suck. I realize how badass they are. They are amazing, I'm just saying give credit where it's due. Mustangs and Camaros aren't what they used to be. At least not the high trims like the Boss, 1LE, ZL1, and GT500. They are
Shelby Cassandra Feb 14, 2013
They make some nice cars, I'll admit. Personally, Lincoln's are nicer interior, but my next door neighbor seems to like their 7 series more than their Jaguar so they must be doing good.
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
You are paying the extra money for the extra refinement that no mustang will give you! Many reviewers call the M3 the best all round car on earth!
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
Loves the M3!
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
@Patrick Yes we know the stang is quicker round a track, but that's not the point! The M3 is a much better everyday car and a lot more refined, while it still manages to be a great drivers car! As I said, there is a reason why every reviewer on earth
Abraham Mendoza Feb 14, 2013
I admit M3s are nice, but come on, they aren't that great, I'd much rather have a Stang.
Pierre E Jean Feb 14, 2013
Bought the brand new Corvette ! Aaaaand it's gone ..
Patrick Schalk Feb 14, 2013
Just checked lap times for four different tracks in the US and the Boss 302 LS and GT500 dominate the M3. Sorry Jack. You're wrong again.
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
The boss 302 is a very good car and yes it will be quicker round a track, but on the road, the M3 is the master!
Jacob Burford Feb 14, 2013
@Shelby I agree that some BMWs are majorly overrated, but the M3 is not! There is a reason why every car reviewer on earth loves the M3! It is a much better car overall than any mustang!
Logan Bartnick Feb 14, 2013
That is the best looking color on the new Corvette C7 I've seen.
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 14, 2013
@shelby the kid already admitted he can't even drive yet on the picture of the corvettes interior. Stop wasting your time
Shelby Cassandra Feb 14, 2013
155 is pretty much the universal restriction. They can go faster, but are limited. And the M3 already costs over 30k more than a Mustang GT (which is also faster). Aftermarket parts are not something that 90% of M3's will see.
Shelby Cassandra Feb 14, 2013
P.S. I hope you can never afford anything to drive but a 10 year old Kia because you clearly don't know a whole lot about anything related to the automotive industry.
Shelby Cassandra Feb 14, 2013
I've driven several different generation M3's before. Most of the people in my neighborhood won't even look at one because it is a piece of shit compared to several other things in the price range. Get over your bias. BMW's are not that great.
Shelby Cassandra Feb 14, 2013
Also, as far as handling look up how many G's each of them pull on a skid pad. Guess what the winner is. Just take a guess; I dare you.
Shelby Cassandra Feb 14, 2013
I don't have to dream. I know for a fact that it is faster. Better interior? No chance, but unlike most of the douche bags that buy a BMW, I can actually vouch that the Ford is better in every aspect save the interior.
Patrick Schalk Feb 14, 2013
I've driven a 335i, 328i, 535i, 6, and 7 series. BMWs are great, but they aren't the pinnacle of engineering like some people think. A C5Z will dominate any 328 or 335. I've actually DRIVEN these cars.
Shelby Cassandra Feb 14, 2013
@Jack. Retard. Get a drivers license an come back acting like you know anything. I have a 2012 Boss 302 that would absolutely destroy an M3 in EVERY aspect of performance.
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 14, 2013
@jack the biggest problem with your argument is that the a 3 series that cost the same as a mustang gt is a bad model 328i with no options. It will get slaughtered around a track by the mustang.
Patrick Schalk Feb 14, 2013
Jack, please explain to me how a ZR1 doesn't have as world class handling when they use the same suspension an the ZR1 still has better times around tracks. And a Boss Mustang will EASILY put handle a 3 series. It's not my fault you don't know shit
Tyler Waldeck Feb 14, 2013
How is it damnaged is the radiator amd drive shaft shot and how bout the transmission?
Tara Fitria Feb 14, 2013
I like the blue paint and black wheels.
Paul Smolin Feb 14, 2013
Common guys it's just another Chevrolet, there will be another hundred thousand of them. And many other crashes.
Zeus Mocha Feb 14, 2013
Nvm I thought I was Jim Mero driving it but I guess he wasn't at the time of the crash. BTW. There are only so many high performance oriented American. And by the looks each one is pretty much top of it's class.
Zane Turner Feb 14, 2013
@Colby don't get so defensive when you know jack shit about this road.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
exactly that. I don't know I just wish they would have called the new one something different.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
@Carlos. That must've been an amazing experience! However I don't like the name GT350. It's clearly better than the GT500 but it shouldn't be since the name GT350 implies not as good as the GT500. And back in the original muscle car era it was
David Lee Feb 13, 2013
@Jake Dula The Focus and Fiesta are cars mostly (and wholly for the Fiesta) designed by Ford's European counterpart, so your argument is invalid. The Mustang and Camaro don't handle that well and you know it. American fanboy. And the Dart is an Alfa.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 13, 2013
@Jack. No you're wrong. Vettes are world class now. Live with it
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 13, 2013
for a mustang even if its signed by Shelby himself and there are only 140 in the world.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 13, 2013
@ jake, I agree with most of what you said, but I drove a 2013 mustang. And it was like driving a boat. It was not only unsatisfying but also gave me a real sense of insecurity. However, I also drove a 2010 GT350, and that was amazing. $125k is a lot
Chris Chavez Feb 13, 2013
That sucks for that guy.
Jordan Smith Feb 13, 2013
Well, twice actually.
Jordan Smith Feb 13, 2013
Woo. I agree with Jake for once.
Patrick Schalk Feb 13, 2013
Jack, once again you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Just stop now.
Jake Dula Feb 13, 2013
This "American cars don't handle" nonsense is a lot of annoying, ignorant rubbish. Not only do top of the line US cars handle well, everyday US cars do too: Fiesta and Focus, for example, have better handling than most of their non-US rivals; Mustang and Camaro both handle very well by all accounts; and the new Dart is also a very capable
Zeke Alanis Feb 13, 2013
Zeke Alanis Feb 13, 2013
I hate that color blue but it's sill a good looking car!!!
Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
Poor Colby!
Jackson Michael Feb 13, 2013
Hahahahahahaha this made my day. Colby's probably staging a funeral and burning effigies of the genius that crashed it
Andres Felipe Perez Feb 13, 2013
:O increíble
Dale Schroeder Feb 13, 2013
I see a Michigan manufacturer's plate. This is most definitely a test car, so at least it didn't meet it's end in a crash test facility.
Brent Moulton Feb 13, 2013
That's a brick
Colby Church Feb 13, 2013
Or if this Corvette was a test mule without a VIN, it probably would have been crushed anyways.
Colby Church Feb 13, 2013
And FYI guys, if a driver takes the traction off on a Corvette with 450+hp around curvy roads, it's not hard to get sideways quickly if you give too much throttle when you shouldn't. He was probably testing the car's limits, and simply lost it.
Colby Church Feb 13, 2013
@Jt Hahahaha LOL. Wow man, you are so funny. You should do stand up comedy. And this damage is nothing that can't be fixed. My dad built a Mercedes that was twice as bad. He's been driving it for 8 years now. This Vette will be back on the road.
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Feb 13, 2013
I have to agree with Matt and Patrick. Some American cars still don't have great handling in terms of lap times (e.g. Mustang) but its hard to argue with the OLD Corvette laying down lap times faster than an Enzo. (Not saying its "better" than Enzo
Tyler Tarbox Feb 13, 2013
Patrick is right. The top of the line American cars, like the CTS-V, ZR1, or Viper, are all world class
Adriel Calo Feb 13, 2013
Patrick Schalk Feb 13, 2013
Matt, no one said ALL American cars have world class handling. But the ones that are built for it absolutely do. Track times prove that. Anyone who says otherwise is a dumbass.
Eli Bonner Feb 13, 2013
Who gave this idiot the car?!?!
Ben Knorr Feb 13, 2013
what Matt said.
Brandon Chamberlain Feb 13, 2013
Hahahhaha oh my god.. Suck it fan boys
Jt Collier Feb 13, 2013
pfft..I bet Colby crys for a week
Adam Clump Feb 13, 2013
I know exactly where this is. One of my favorite driving roads ever is my backyard. 100+ corners in 12 miles.
Pablo Herasme Feb 13, 2013
All cars can turn, it all matters on suspension and tires.
Dylan Bruder Feb 13, 2013
Production doesn't start till september I believe
Ashton Summers Feb 13, 2013
Damn, what did they put in those drinks back there. I could have sworn I only ordered 5.
Matt Piccolo Feb 13, 2013
It's a stretch to say all American cars have world class handling these days, bec they don't. But anyone who thinks the current vettes are for straight lining and straight lining only, have problems.
Alex Bouckley Feb 13, 2013
That was quick!
Luis Miguel Lopez Feb 13, 2013
It's the same corvette from the video where three of them appear on the street a few articles ago (Michigan license plate)
Abraham Mendoza Feb 13, 2013
So when that SLS AMG Black crashed awhile back, no one said anything but when a Vette crashes, it can't turn? Hypocritical guys.
Terrance Parker Feb 13, 2013
I'm not a hater but, hahahaha wait.. Is everybody ok... Good hahahaha
Zane Turner Feb 13, 2013
I know exactly where this is haha. Saw the trio of them last week.
Tony Hernandez Feb 13, 2013
If you can't drive this stick to the Sonic!
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 13, 2013
I'd still take the car, take out the motor
Thomas Moore Feb 13, 2013
What a shame, wreck a car that's not even in production yet.
Jordan Smith Feb 13, 2013
Carlos is a Euro fanboy.
Jason J Roberts Feb 13, 2013
Inexperienced driver + any fast car= Crash. People crash European, Japanese and American cars on straight roads. Grow up. Stop stereotyping.
Zeus Mocha Feb 13, 2013
Btw this color looks great.
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 13, 2013
Does the car still work, they can repair it right doesn't look that bad... Pic makes me sad :-(
Zeus Mocha Feb 13, 2013
magnetic suspension setup? Although I'm not 100% of the latter.
Lou Guerrero Feb 13, 2013
*face palm*
Zeus Mocha Feb 13, 2013
Manufacturer plates, not a production car. Last I remember a head engineer was driving the blue one. Also one argument, as someone else stated. If American card can't do corners then why are the likes of Ferrari and Jag/Landrover purchasing Chevy's
Tyler Tarbox Feb 13, 2013
@Carlos and Chris. You two are stuck in the 1970s apparently. American cars have world class handling nowadays. Quit watching Top Gear re runs and get your facts straight
Arick Voigt Feb 13, 2013
This makes me sad :(. And angry with whatever retard couldn't handle it.
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 13, 2013
Still looks good to me
Tyler Wallace Feb 13, 2013
Everybody knows that regardless of the country cars can turn don't be so cliche as to say the car just didnt turn and crash
Patrick Schalk Feb 13, 2013
Hahaha Carlos don't make me laugh. You sad person.
Oscar Galvan Feb 13, 2013
Idiots + opinions = stupid, stuck in old times, opinionated, people who are really biased toward a certain car
Michael Riley Feb 13, 2013
Stereotype battle. Ready? GO.
David Parenti Feb 13, 2013
OPERATOR ERROR. this has nothing to do with being an American car. Just a bad driver, or something could've happened like the driver swerving to miss an object. Without having the whole story you can't really judge!
Chris Mallinson Feb 13, 2013
American car + corner = disaster
Tyler Andrew Wyllie Feb 13, 2013
That made me cry :'( what a beautiful ar
Justin Routh Feb 13, 2013
That sucks! Blue looks really good on it too
Christopher Sturgeon Feb 13, 2013
It's the same one that was spotted on the road in the group of three it looks like.
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 13, 2013
Yeah recently american cars have been introduced to corners examples include the cts-v corvette and viper they actually beat a lot of cars in there class.
Sean Gillespie Feb 13, 2013
That is a darn shame
Andrew Pinks Feb 13, 2013
It's not true that cars like the corvette are only good for going in a straight line! The 2012 corvette zr1 set a 7:21 on the nurburgring. That car is both really fast and really quick around a track.
Paul Dickey Feb 13, 2013
Carlos who's suspension does Ferrari use? Moron catch up with the times.
Ryan Faber Feb 13, 2013
oh here we go...
Carlos Dorantes Feb 13, 2013
That's because these cars are only good for one thing: Go fast in a straight line, period. For twisty roads I recommend European coupes, not this POC !!!
Johnny Francis Feb 13, 2013
Fuckkkkk that is a terrible way to start things off.
Johnny Matias Feb 13, 2013
Great start haha. Not even in production and they're dying.
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 13, 2013
Oopsy poopsy
Description: The Corvette "hit guardrail on left and bounced back to's in worse shape than it looks." No word on the identity of the driver, but it's a reasonable guess to believe it...
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Devon Smithers Feb 14, 2013
It was likely a corporate employee. That's a Michigan M plate on the back.
Landon Rogers Feb 14, 2013
Ill take that wrecked one one if u don't want it?
Jonathan Bowen Feb 14, 2013
Thank you for distinguishing between GM employees and GM dealership employees. It's annoying when people act like they work for a car company when all they do is change tires at a random dealership. A little different
Zeus Mocha Feb 13, 2013
Yup this one probably doesn't even have a proper vin.
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 18, 2013
There is nothing special at all in this car. If I had to buy one the only reason would be is the stick !!
Joe Giles Feb 14, 2013
Look too much like the normal corvette
Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
Still not sure about the frond end! I actually like the back!
Shawn Sullivan Feb 13, 2013
I see a while lot of camero resemblance in that rear fender!
Scott Whittman Feb 13, 2013
Damn thats sexy
Reva Barris Mar 03, 2013
The back looks too chunky or something. It kinda reminds me of the back that you would usually find on a big sedan
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 18, 2013
@jack not European enough ? Lol
Γιάννης Νικολάου Feb 14, 2013
The exhausts are awesome
Sonia Holmes Feb 13, 2013
My fab colour for the stingray, the others make it look too outlandish for my liking
Adam Thomson Mar 19, 2013
The Viper looks better, both back and front is sexy.
Jason Smith Feb 14, 2013
I agree with Jack. Supercars are bought with passion in mind, not BHP per $. Vipers and Vettes might be cheaper than any supercar Europe can build but there are good reasons for this....
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 14, 2013
I think the corvette is better looking than the viper but the viper is still a beautiful car
Pablo Herasme Feb 14, 2013
I would also take the vette as a dd since its the more livable car, but for weekends give me a Viper and saying the vette is way better looking is stretching it
Jordan Smith Feb 13, 2013
Why not both? *mexican music*
Jake Dula Feb 13, 2013
Colby is a Vette fanboy, and as such his opinion is meaningless: too biased to even be looked at seriously. That said, I also prefer the Vette to the Viper, but only for the fact that the Vette is a WAY better drivers car. The best use for a Viper is as a laxative with wheels and an engine, not as a drivers car.
Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
Completely disagree! The Viper has sharper lines than this does, and looks meaner at the same time! But looks is in the eye of the beholder!
Jackson Michael Feb 13, 2013
I personally prefer an unstriped viper but whatever
Colby Church Feb 13, 2013
As far as their looks are concerned.. Vette>Viper
Justin Routh Feb 13, 2013
No you wouldnt
Zaire Wilkins Feb 13, 2013
I would get confused between this and the viper
Pablo Herasme Feb 13, 2013
Take one like this
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 18, 2013
Where is the back diffuser ?
Tara Fitria Feb 14, 2013
Red paint and calipers and black wheels, looks better and better every time I see it
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 18, 2013
Love the interior.. But exterior is shocking
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 14, 2013
Riding in a car and driving a car are two very different things. I've ridden in an airplane but that doesn't mean I have any idea about wether or not it's nice to fly the thing
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 14, 2013
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 14, 2013
@jack you can't even fuckig drive and you started that huge argument?! You should off yourseld
Vince DeMasi Feb 14, 2013
I use manual for fun and auto for straight line racing
Pablo Herasme Feb 14, 2013
I bet it would have been an adrenaline filled experience Stephen.
Carlton Green Feb 14, 2013
@Stephen The school bus you rode in middle school was just as small that Corvette!
Stephen Tyler Learn Feb 14, 2013
@pablo the school bus I road in middle school was a manual
Pablo Herasme Feb 14, 2013
Zach alright lets put an 8speed manual on a school bus
Pablo Herasme Feb 14, 2013
Who knows? It could be a coincidence that both cars look alike, not that they really copied eachother
Zach Gathercole Feb 13, 2013
Manual for everything
Colby Church Feb 13, 2013
@Kevin This car was already nearly finalized when the Viper was unveiled to the world you nimrod...
Aaron Crisp Feb 13, 2013
Manual for sports cars and weekend warriors, auto for daily driving!
Johnny Hoover Feb 13, 2013
Best Vette interior to date! But that doesn't say to much lol
Ross Vermillion Feb 13, 2013
@kevin you're an idiot
Pablo Herasme Feb 13, 2013
Manual all the way, but in the city... Hell no
Matt Piccolo Feb 13, 2013
I'd agree. Manual all the way.
Quinn Rogers Feb 13, 2013
Everyday American cars always come as automatic, but I feel like its more American to have a Manuel in sports cars.
Gray Conron Feb 13, 2013
Save the Manuals!!!
Jordan Smith Feb 13, 2013
Yep. Manual ftmfw.
Kevin Roberts Feb 13, 2013
Viper copy cat straight up
Chris Penza Feb 13, 2013
You can't have fun without a manual
Jacob Gardner Feb 13, 2013
I'm from America and I hate auto. I love manual so much more
Jimmy Bartolotta Feb 13, 2013
Corvettes always had a manual though. Most Americans prefer autos for some reason. I'm a firm believer that all sports cars should be manual...
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 13, 2013
I hate how american cars known for only coming in auto are coming in manual and euro cars are now autos annoying why do we have to change to auto