Comments - Farah Drives Teen's Killer RX-7

Published: Feb 13, 2013
Description: Being a teenager can be hard enough, but when you're a gearhead and also short on cash, a few shortcuts sometimes need to be taken. Because let's face it, most teenagers don't have the ...
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Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
Hahaha that would be priceless. Lot of embarrassed old rich folks in Malibu I assume
Ashton Summers Feb 13, 2013
Just how fun it would be to enjoy the pissed off reactions to those you took at the light.
Jacob Viiper McCord Feb 13, 2013
I saw this yesterday. crazy
Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 13, 2013
Hah. He's built his own Millennium Falcon!
Description: He added a V8 engine to the vintage Mazda rust-bucket, along with plenty of other new mechanical bits. The result is one of the best home tuners that Tuned host Matt Farah has ever driven. And despite...
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Ben Knorr Feb 16, 2013
Jorgen - my apologies. I was mistaken on that. The ls1 is 60 or so #'s heavier according to a quick web search.
Jörgen Nilsson Feb 15, 2013
Ben: I really don't believe that a LS1 is lighter than a 13b.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Feb 14, 2013
It's a modern rat rod
Klay Owens Feb 14, 2013
The car that gives zero F$&@s
Bill Estep Jr Feb 14, 2013
I bet he loves it when he gets a rich kid n then blows em away racing 7/11 sticker what now bitches lol
Peter Mark Gacek Feb 14, 2013
This guy must be my long lost twin... but I already have a twin... :(
Austin Lerner Feb 14, 2013
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
Hahaha Ashton. That should be a Geico commercial. "How happy are they Jimmy?" "Happier than a leprechaun on LSD" *ukelele tune*
Robert Odom Feb 13, 2013
12a's are actually pretty heavy. They weigh as much as a 13b and a 13b weighs more than a Miata BP engine. I'd say he only gained 125-175 lbs. I've been known to be wrong though.
Colby Church Feb 13, 2013
Nice... I'll bet he surprises people at stoplights and such. Ha
Byakka Hirakawa Feb 13, 2013
I dont approve of swaps but this one has the okay! Its a peice of crap but a fast peice of crap, lmao
Ashton Summers Feb 13, 2013
More awesome than a leprechaun on LSD.
Tracy Keiser Dron Feb 13, 2013
that is good.... funny and also a very smart dude!!!
Ben Knorr Feb 13, 2013
Jargen - I should have been more specific. An ls is only lighter than the 13b, not the non turbocharged versions. A guy I race with has an ls1 3rd gen that weighs 2700lbs. usually the fastest car on track with 180 tread wear tires.
Byakka Hirakawa Feb 13, 2013
@ matt Agreed
Matt Piccolo Feb 13, 2013
And in return, u get an awesome, high revving, extremely smooth engine. Just take care of it.
Matt Piccolo Feb 13, 2013
Personally, I'd never take a rotary out of any rx7 (or rx8) I can understand the appeal in puting a v6 or v8 in one, but it just seems wrong to me. Especially the newer rotaries, aren't hard or expensive to maintain. U just have to take care of it.
Lou Guerrero Feb 13, 2013
Corbin gets it. What he won't is a girl inside of it. Regardless, this Frankenstein 7 is awesome .
Author Norman R. Colson Feb 13, 2013
This car looks like if could die if I kicked the tire! Lmao
Haoliang Li Feb 13, 2013
The thing about RX is that it's lightweight and well-balanced. Yes, V8 has greatly increased hp and torque. But hey, that's where turbos come in.
Jörgen Nilsson Feb 13, 2013
Ben Knorr said the V8 was lighter.
David Parenti Feb 13, 2013
A V8 is much heavier than a rotary. What's your point? It added maybe 150-200 lbs to the car but it also added 200+ hp. It's a respectable gain compared to the torque deprived rotary.
Jörgen Nilsson Feb 13, 2013
No way a V8 is lighter than a rotary. Bigger too, so the weight balance get screwed up (because you can't place the V8 as low and as close to the middle of the car). You get more oompf, but destroy the handling.
Jamie Chase Feb 13, 2013
I like it! A real sleeper! Rat-rod!
Drew Humphrey Feb 13, 2013
Lol he's so chill
William Downs Feb 13, 2013
Rotary are only expensive if your to lazy to learn how to repair them your self, once u learn how its an easy motor to maintain and fix, and parts aren't all that expensive, and rotary were never about bottom end torque, all about those revs
Jason J Roberts Feb 13, 2013
Just from delivering pizza? Yeah. Ok. That motor wasn't cheap my friend.
Jake Judges Feb 13, 2013
Lol CEO of Corbin motors
Jack Hufford Feb 13, 2013
Corbin's a win in my book.
David Parenti Feb 13, 2013
Rotaries have piss poor torque. This is better
Michael Davidson Feb 13, 2013
Rotaries are expensive to maintain, especially the older ones that would have originally been in here. I think rotaries are really cool, just not for me.
Quinn Conner Feb 13, 2013
Why we talking about v8 civics! This kid is in a whole different ball game.
Jimmy Williams Feb 13, 2013
Right, because reliable power is wrong. Love this kid's attitude, way to make the car exactly how you wanted it.
Taylor Garry Feb 13, 2013
Wow major kudos to this guy. This is how being a kid with your first car should be
David Parenti Feb 13, 2013
Anyone swapping a V8 into a civic... Well a stupid video on YouTube with an engine sticking 4 feet out if the hood of a CRX. But this is functional and cool.
David Parenti Feb 13, 2013
David Guerrero, this is nothing like an ls1 swapped civic. The Mazda is RWD and a V8 swapped Datsun or Mazda is pretty common. Big power, RWD, light car=drift capable. I've never heard of ang
David Parenti Feb 13, 2013
Rotaries are inexpensive to maintain. They have way less moving parts than their counterparts. You just have to watch for carbon buildup and oil consumption. Redlining the motor before shutdown is recommended.
Ben Knorr Feb 13, 2013
I disagree. An ls motor makes the car lighter, more reliable and more fun to drive. Also, they are cheaper to modify and fix. but, I can understand a purists point of view. A rotary is a pretty cool little motor. my first car was an 82 RX7.
Johnny Francis Feb 13, 2013
Why? Rotories are unreliable and take a ton of money to maintain. Haha drop in a different engine and don't worry about it anymore.
David Guerrero Feb 13, 2013
I would never swap out Mazda rotary out of an RX7. The most ridiculous this ever. It's like an ls1 swapped civic. Or a K20 powered corvette. It is just wrong.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 13, 2013
That is so awesome.
Austin Bride Feb 13, 2013
Too cool
Haoliang Li Feb 13, 2013
Great car, but not an RX anymore.
Haoliang Li Feb 13, 2013
@Justin not true for R32s.
Justin Routh Feb 13, 2013
Thats pretty cool. I like when matt says the gtr is boring unless youre driving it at its limit
David Parenti Feb 13, 2013
Ford powered. Awesome
Braxton Omgbased Booker Feb 13, 2013
Damn 13k in parts i must have got sum good ass deals to cut that
A.J. Brady Feb 13, 2013
Nice job, kid. Way to make your life your own.
Jeremy Moniz Feb 13, 2013
I have a crappy 1st car, and I respect this kid and his effort
David Parenti Feb 13, 2013
Lol at the "My other ride is your mom" sticker.
Harrison Armstrong Feb 13, 2013
This right here is what a car is all about. You make it your own and drive as such. Props to this kid.
Peter Mark Gacek Feb 14, 2013
Hahaha hell yes Ashton
Ashton Summers Feb 13, 2013
If I were driving this, I would have to fight the urge to think I'm Mel Gibson and that slightly irradiated people in tight leather S & M gear were chasing me in their ratty looking junkyard creations.
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 13, 2013
Ben Knorr Feb 13, 2013
well done kid. well done.
Michael Chase Feb 13, 2013
Big thumbs up, much respect to the mad scientist, looks like a blast.
Tony Hernandez Feb 13, 2013
That's one mean RX!!!
Andrew McNeal Feb 13, 2013
Looks like something out of Mad Max.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
And also I use a lot of the car pics from these articles as phone backgrounds, but I don't think I'll be using this one lol
Tyler Tarbox Feb 14, 2013
@Nick. All of the first gen RX7s looked like this at the front.
Gard Solstad Feb 13, 2013
how insanely fucking awesome, i am in ave of this car! i drive an ugly old giveafuck, good-time wrangler with a shitty matte black paintjob myself, and just got very, very inspired.
Matt Piccolo Feb 13, 2013
Ahah that's awesome