Comments - Nissan Withdraws from DeltaWing Program

Published: Feb 12, 2013
Description: Nobody took it seriously until the DeltaWing racing prototype actually managed to keep pace at Le Mans last year (before crashing out). And this year it finished the Petit Le Mans in fifth place.
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Trevor Brown Feb 13, 2013
Supposedly Ben Bowlby isn't even involved in the Deltawing project any more, it's completely owned by Panoz now. Michelin, Highcroft racing, and pretty much everyone else who was involved dropped out, and now it's powered by a Mazda engine.
Franklin Barfield Feb 13, 2013
A brilliant design far ahead of it's time. Ben Bowlby is a certified genius. No sanctioning body wants any parts of the competition the DeltaWing provides as it would destroy all comers if it had access to 1st class engine support.
Reese Fenske Feb 13, 2013
shame. love this thing
Carlton Salmon Feb 12, 2013
Me too.
Luke Purdy Feb 12, 2013
I always liked this thing
Description: The Japanese automaker stated that it "had a blast with DeltaWing and will always have a major soft spot for that car and wishes Dr. Don Panoz and all the other partners in the DeltaWing all the ...
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Swarun Kulasekaran Feb 13, 2013
You guys are forgetting that the 4 pots in our cars today are "detuned" to get maximum efficiency delta wing doesn't care about efficiency, so they don't need to use barriers that restrict hp that regular cars do Check out the race ecoboost engine
Trevor Brown Feb 13, 2013
Nope, it's just an inline 4.
Jorge Gonzalez Feb 13, 2013
Is it a v8 or what?
Daniel Eads Feb 13, 2013
It's a race engine so it's going to be high output.
Jake Judges Feb 12, 2013
Maybe they should paint it a brighter color so the other drivers can actually see it
Haoliang Li Feb 12, 2013
Insane? Check out JGTC Supras.
Jörgen Nilsson Feb 12, 2013
1.9. The Nissan engine was 1.6, but the numbers clearly are for the 1.9 litre Mazda engine.
Jorge Gonzalez Feb 12, 2013
How many cylinders does it have, 1.6 litre? That's crazy small for the power.
Luke Purdy Feb 12, 2013
Those are awesome numbers for an engine that small
William Downs Feb 12, 2013
Putting an LS in this car would ruin the whole point of the delta wing program, and Nissan gave up on it because there just dumping money into it, and the research is kinda at a hault since it keeps getting taken out at almost every race it takes part in
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 12, 2013
Drop an ls9 in it ftwwww
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 12, 2013
Am I out of line for thinking those are crazy numbers for this thing
Lou Guerrero Feb 12, 2013
Business is business. On to the next financial backer and supplier.
Description: Expect to see the improved DeltaWing (minus the Nissan name) debut this season at the 12 Hours of Sebring in March, after which there are supposed plans to enclose the cockpit in time for Laguna Seca ...
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Jake Judges Feb 12, 2013
They need to repaint it
Shaniqua Latisha Feb 12, 2013
Or the driver of the toyota
Dylan Bruder Feb 12, 2013
They need to make it more visible somehow it's so small
Lou Guerrero Feb 12, 2013
Hopefully no one punts it off track again...lookin at you Toyota.
Franklin Barfield Feb 13, 2013
Downforce on the two skinny front tires is far less important in this design than lessening air resistance. The front tires are extremely lightly loaded but counterintuitively is firmly planted in turns.
Eric Burns Feb 12, 2013
To cool the engine and to maintain a certain level of downforce
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Feb 12, 2013
You know the movie How to Train Your Dragon? This car reminds me of that black dragon, Toothless.
Thai-Chau Ha Feb 12, 2013
Bat mobile
Noah Gavurin Feb 12, 2013
red five standing by accelerate to attack speed
Garrett Keller Feb 12, 2013
A link to the Chris Harris video should be in here