Comments - New Smart ForTwo and ForFour Spied

Published: Feb 12, 2013
Description: These latest spy shots of the all-new Smart ForTwo and ForFour were taken in northern Sweden as the next-generation of fuel-efficient city cars underwent some essential winter testing. Built in colla...
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Zain Christison Feb 13, 2013
The commodore will still be there in 2017. The Australian government has given Holden money to continue the car on....
Matt Sutton Feb 12, 2013
Hmm...2 door or 4 door death trap?. Decisions...but im sure smart has taken out a few hipsters by now. So im ok with it.
Kamil Senio Feb 12, 2013
I can bet it will be Renault car, not Smart. Smart will never build car without Tridion.
Jake Dula Feb 12, 2013
My question about this article is: WHO CARES?! XD lol
Alanna Galligan Apr 04, 2013
They aren't very good at the camouflage thing are they?
Rick Feeney Feb 16, 2013
I want the iQ. Ill take it
Angelique Pader Feb 16, 2013
It looks more like a Renault Twingo 2 than a smart !!!
Trey Villarreal Feb 14, 2013
Nothing screams safe like driving a ForTwo in snow and ice.
David Blanco Casadesús Feb 13, 2013
Renault Twingo??
Gray Conron Feb 12, 2013
Looks worse than the first one.....
Ashton Summers Feb 12, 2013
Oh baby! This will be the last car you'll ever need use for beaver hunting.
Adam Thomson Feb 12, 2013
Its not going to look good Will it?
Ben Mossing Feb 12, 2013
They used the scion headlights which make it even more ugly... Also, I would be terrified to drive one of those on snow, black ice would send one of these into a death spiral.
Dylan Bruder Feb 12, 2013
You know what I mean it just has bits and pieces from other cars on it you can't see the final design
Nick Sti Feb 12, 2013
Twingo's ugly sister...
Sam Reinsel Feb 12, 2013
It doesn't look camoed, it just looks incomplete <_<
Dylan Bruder Feb 12, 2013
Even if they didnt camo it no one would care
Description: Smart will offer the two-seater with a range of petrol and diesel engines as well as a fully electric version, while the ForFour is due out in 2015. And while these prototypes remain heavily disguised...
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Daniel Edwards Jul 18, 2014
This is clearly a Renault Twingo
Bert Kelly-Johnston Feb 13, 2013
Not surprised it looks like an iQ since that car appeared similar to the original Smart.
Andrew Bryant Feb 13, 2013
Man, this thing looks JUST LIKE an IQ. The hell.
Harrison Trapnell Feb 12, 2013
Look at that luggage rack on the roof...
Jake Dula Feb 12, 2013
It's a Smart, I can assure you the finished product will be HIDEOUS.
Dale Schroeder Feb 12, 2013
It looks like they took a sedan, chopped it in half and fitted the rear axle under where the B-pillar was. Hopefully the finished product isn't as awkwardly proportioned.
Ben Norton Feb 12, 2013
Reminds me of the scion iq a little bit.
Angelique Pader Feb 16, 2013
Seriously! Its a twingo ! Not a smart
Matt Sutton Feb 12, 2013
It needs more snow cover. That should improve the looks considerably.
Jake Dula Feb 12, 2013
Ewwww... I feel sick.
Ryan Lopez Feb 12, 2013
Lol whipper is shit
Matt Sutton Feb 12, 2013
Cant even put a decent wiper blade on it.
Jake Dula Feb 12, 2013
Thank God for that snow covering the back!
Paul Sorescu Feb 14, 2013
this is clearly the Renault Twingo, it even has the Renault badge and a French number plate.
Daniel Edwards Jul 18, 2014
Renault Twingo
Ryan Lopez Feb 12, 2013
Wow Viagra