Comments - McLaren P1 Opens its Doors

Published: Feb 12, 2013
Description: McLaren gave us a good look at its new P1 hypercar when it lifted the veil in Paris last September. But with the windows blackened and the doors locked shut, one thing it did not show us was the inter...
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Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Feb 14, 2013
This car is going to be dramatically faster than a GTR around the ring and should not be compared in any way. A comparison to the F150 is fair and interesting though!
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Feb 14, 2013
GTR starts at 90k new, not 70 and the interior looks like a child's toy, plastic and sub par compared to the stingray and viper. It is still a great deal for 90k but the interior is where you make an enormous sacrifice. Why are we talking about GTR
Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
Why are GTRs and Corettes always brought up!
Jordan Smith Feb 13, 2013
Hey Mendoza's back.
Matt Piccolo Feb 13, 2013
@ cian, Ahah everything u just said is incorrect but okay. And how the hell did a gtr get brought up in this article?
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 13, 2013
Actually gtr ownership is horrible a plastic interior fake noise horrible ride quality think i would pay extra to get a proper car
Ashton Summers Feb 13, 2013
How does the GTR get brought up in everything? Can't read an article about a damn camel without the GTR being brought up.
Jordan Nishida Feb 12, 2013
I mean $70,000
Jordan Nishida Feb 12, 2013
GTR also cost $70,00
Jordan Nishida Feb 12, 2013
The GTR is very quick and has a great computer system and launch control
Joseph Gordis Feb 12, 2013
Zane Turner Feb 12, 2013
Jack, what are you on about? Stock GTRs are ridiculously quick, don't get me wrong' but by no means is it as fast as your making it. It can beat certain Ferraris and Lambo to a certain extent, but it's not as you make it out.
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
The GTR is starting to get out classed, but its still a performance bargain. I'm sure the 2015 Facelift will not only put on the same level, but even above competition.
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
So does the Z06\ZR1
Jhoan Delima Feb 12, 2013
This isn't even in GTR category..
Abraham Mendoza Feb 12, 2013
CCR, Z06, MP4, 458, on and so forth.
Zeus Mocha Feb 12, 2013
If this doesn't beat the GTR? There are many cars that can take the GTR down.
Abraham Mendoza Feb 12, 2013
That CCR did so pretty easily.
Abraham Mendoza Feb 12, 2013
Very nice. Looks serious and focused.
Tanisha Eleanor Feb 12, 2013
This car though!!!
Zeus Mocha Feb 12, 2013
Very clean, I love the exposed carbon, I want one now. Who ever thinks the new viper and C7 vette's interiors are crap are just trolling and can't take the fact that now they can't really bash on much if anything.
Justin Routh Feb 12, 2013
So this can be basic and everybody calls it performance oriented, but the vette and viper interiors are cheap and crappy. Makes sense
Sergio Chung Feb 12, 2013
holly sh%t!!!, thats a lot of carbon fiber
Ben August Feb 12, 2013
Spartan interior. On a side note- looks like they're running pure slicks on this. Badass.
Luke Purdy Feb 12, 2013
Sort of looks like the mp4-12c interior just without the touch screen
Brandon Chamberlain Feb 12, 2013
It's suppose to be the best drivers car, they weren't aiming for speed
Ben Knorr Feb 12, 2013
I am seriously in love with this car. oh the things I would do....
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Feb 12, 2013
It is supposed to be one of the fastest cars ever made. The more they remove from the interior, the lighter (and hence faster) it is. Function over form. Surprised it has cup holders. Nice job McLaren!!
Ryan Faber Feb 12, 2013
its too in your face. it needs to be laid out more or streched out more towards to windshield if that makes any sense. kinda like how to aventador or the one 77 interior.
Jared Oteri Feb 12, 2013
This is a track ready car. Bare carbon fiber is all there should be nothing fancy
Wyatt Gordon Feb 12, 2013
I absolutely LOVE the exterior. But this interior is boring.
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 12, 2013
I love this thing
Description: Those doors, incidentally, open the same way as every previous McLaren roadcar, from the F1 through the SLR to the 12C. And while arch-rival Ferrari packs its supercars with switches and gauges aplent...
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Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
Can't wait for this to rip apart everything on the track!
Sam Oglesby Feb 12, 2013
What you need without the weight
Ashton Summers Feb 12, 2013
They could have saved a lot of weight buy not putting in a sound system... Unless the Stig requested it.
Oscar Galvan Feb 12, 2013
Good I like this approach
Description: The seat shells are also made of carbon fiber, and with minimal padding, weigh just 10.5 kg each. They're fixed in place but can be adjusted in the workshop. Carpeting can be fitted, but even tha...
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Ben Knorr Feb 13, 2013
Antonio - I get what your saying. I think that's what happens when a company is not willing to exceed a target weight. The rest of the car has already been engineered as light as possible so they start taking things out of the interior
Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
The quality will be great, but the design might be questionable!
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 13, 2013
Woa those bucket seats have a very steep angle.
António Villas-Boas Feb 13, 2013
It's stupid to make a crapy interior to save 20kg just give it an extra 30hp to compensate. Next step youre not allowed to drive it after lunch to save weight! Weight saving is one thing but no varnish to save 1.5 kg is just stupid.
Jay Kolvenbag Feb 13, 2013
Should have placed the driver in the middle
Jason Brown Feb 13, 2013
@Jack, No Sh!t, you don't say? Were you able to find that out all by yourself?
Jason Brown Feb 12, 2013
Paul Pickard Feb 12, 2013
I really hope you can remove those pads.
Ben Knorr Feb 12, 2013
dash padding is just there so the driver isn't blinded by the sun glaring off the carbon fiber. But I agree, they could have integrated it better.
Ashton Summers Feb 12, 2013
The dash padding is like one of those clocks in a Salvador Dali painting.
Tara Fitria Feb 12, 2013
My mom bought one of those dash pads for her car, to protect the dash from cracking. Looks just as bad here.
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 13, 2013
In awesome
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 13, 2013
Andre Vu Feb 12, 2013
I LOVE the white
Nikolai Nikolaevich Stankevich Feb 12, 2013
Wow that's cool. lol
Matt Piccolo Feb 13, 2013
Reminds me of the s2k's. except this isn't as cool
Tim Preisinger Feb 12, 2013
Andy, Go Wings!
Ryan Lopez Feb 12, 2013
What the long seemingly endless amount of revs on a red tach is that what you mean
Andy Clouthier Feb 12, 2013
Love the digital tach/speedo in my S2000.
Zeus Mocha Feb 12, 2013
I like the configurations you can make with a digital.
William Downs Feb 12, 2013
Digital is far superior to an analog cluster, that's why everyone is switching to them, u can give the driver more information in a smaller package, make it customizable, plus there a lot more accurate then an analog
Mateusz Kielbasiewicz Feb 12, 2013
LFA style analog Clock
Jared Oteri Feb 12, 2013
Carbon fiber paddles, sick!
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
I prefer analog tachs too, but unless they have a good reason to put it ( engine revs fast) then ok
Zack Kennedy Feb 12, 2013
Maybe it revs faster than a tach could keep up with. Like with the LFA
Joe Hero Feb 12, 2013
Digital tachs, very depressing, not that I dislike new technology - just something about an analog tach / speedo that makes a car feel better when driven, or IMO anyway.