Comments - Leno Loves the Vanquish

Published: Feb 12, 2013
Description: Jay Leno is "astounded" by the new Aston Martin Vanquish. It takes a total of five weeks of manpower hours to build each one. That's the type of bespoke quality we're dealing with ...
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porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
nice, very nice
porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
beautiful, but the ferrari is better
Ahmed Al Harthy Feb 18, 2013
Okay, IMHO this is one of the best looking cars of 2013, but shame I thought it would outclass the DB9.. another thing is the engine ??? How could u manage to extract only a 565 bhp from a v12 ? Thats a disgrace !!!!!!!
Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
The Aston V12 is made to be smooth and easy, yet give you all the power you need! Sounds like heaven too!
Frankie Ferreira Feb 12, 2013
Than again it is "just" 6 liters. Not every car makes 100hp/liter easily, just because its v12. It's smooth and linear and beautiful
Michael J Solimene Feb 12, 2013
It is plenty of power I know that I just think if you have a big v12, you should be pumping out at least 600.. That's just how I think.. V6 300+ v8 400+ v10 500+ v12 600+
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
I'm with Jordan on this one
Jordan Smith Feb 12, 2013
I'd call myself a big Aston fan, but even I can't tell apart the models (like DB9 to DBS) without a close look.
Jake Dula Feb 12, 2013
Oh common, CarBuzz, any proper Aston fan can tell their cars apart with ease.
Jake Dula Feb 12, 2013
Vanquish for me, please and thank you. Easiest decision in my life.
Jake Dula Feb 12, 2013
Guys, Aston isn't about absurd vulgar levels of power. This isn't Ferrari we're talking about, Aston Martin's are a total package of style, sophistication, and performance. Stop asking for more power or ragging on it for not having vulgar amounts of performance. Aston Martin is a different kind of animal to Ferrari, Lamborghini or SRT.
Jake Dula Feb 12, 2013
I like Mr. Leno even more now. So few people truly understand what Aston Martin is really about, and he hits the nail on the head. Excellent video, Mr. Leno.
Jake Dula Feb 12, 2013
Stephen is talking sense, listen to him. If you're mostly worried about speed, power, or lap times, Aston is not for you; go buy something else. The Vanquish is a gentleman's cruiser. Power, speed, and handling balanced with comfort, beauty, and class.
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 12, 2013
I think 565 is plenty. It's a GT and Aston has always a luxury sports car - not car trying to set lap times
Tyler Wallace Feb 12, 2013
I think Ashton could have a little more horsepower too
Gray Conron Feb 12, 2013
@Michael I'm with you but 565 is still a lot
Sam Oglesby Feb 12, 2013
It's a gt not an all out track car
Michael J Solimene Feb 12, 2013
V12 should have at least 600hp in my oponion
David Parenti Feb 12, 2013
I think if you asked most people to draw up their own version of a great looking and performing somewhat affordable but not for all sports car. It would look like and perform like this.
Aaron Crisp Feb 12, 2013
I was seriously thinking the exact same thing.
David Parenti Feb 12, 2013
Who doesn't love the vanquish?
Description: It's fast yet extremely comfortable to ride in and is ideal for beach highway cruises. When in track mode, the Vanquish is also a formidable foe on the track. It's a true "gentleman&apo...
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Seth Graham Feb 14, 2013
Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
Did you even watch the video Jack! If you did, you'd understand that it doesn't need that kind of power to be great!
Pierre E Jean Feb 13, 2013
F*ck me what a car !
Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
Great video! Jay Leno is a true enthusiast and understands his cars!
Frankie Ferreira Feb 13, 2013
SICK sentence strucutr
Paul Gladman Feb 12, 2013
my current most desired car right now!!!!!!
Tim Preisinger Feb 12, 2013
What a beautiful car
Patrick Schalk Feb 12, 2013
Damn that thing is so nice
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 12, 2013
It's just like Porsche. You've got to respect the subtle changes. Why fix something that isn't broken? And btw I can look at any Aston and know which one it is...any Aston fan can
Zeus Mocha Feb 12, 2013
The subtle difference are fine. Their design language holds up and has it locked on pretty good because they know it's working.
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 12, 2013
I love this car But if you love this car... Then you have to love every Aston Martin... Cuz they're all the same They all look the same and have the same engine save the V8 vantage... So overall as a brand I think they're lacking...
Lead Peddalin Feb 12, 2013
Gee... Leno likes the Vanquish. Well I have an announcement to make. I am especially fond of breathable air.
Carlton Salmon Feb 12, 2013
GTs don't get much better than this.
Mateusz Kielbasiewicz Feb 12, 2013
That's a beautiful car *_*
Dylan Bruder Feb 12, 2013
Agreed awesome car I liked the old vanquish too
Aaron Crisp Feb 12, 2013
I bet this is the same one Top Gear took out in the US. Just like it was the same Viper used for TG and Jay Leno's.
Jake Dula Feb 12, 2013
You and me both, bro. Only reason I don't have one is cuz I'm not loaded XD
Matthew van der Linde Feb 14, 2013
IMO, the european spec vanquish looks better without those orange things in the headlights
Brandon Harp Feb 13, 2013
Idk if it exists yet or not, but I wanna see a Carbon Black version of this years model
Aaron Crisp Feb 13, 2013
@Brent Probably the same one.
Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
Nothing matches this as an everyday and long journey cruiser! IMO
Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
I can only dream about owning one of these in dark grey!
Taylor Rosello Feb 12, 2013
I am in love with this color! It's perfect for this car
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
I agree, the elegance of this car is unmatched by even the big three and I love those cars aswell.
Jordan Smith Feb 12, 2013
I saw one in this exact color. It was awesome.
Brent Moulton Feb 12, 2013
Same color as the one on top gear.
Austin Lerner Feb 12, 2013
Jake Dula Feb 12, 2013
This car doesn't have the performance to match the GT-R or Vette either. I'd still much rather have this though, because, performance aside, this is a much better car.
Alex Bouckley Feb 12, 2013
This looks great in this color blue
Ben Norton Feb 12, 2013
Love the color, and I agree it is a great car, but there's just something I don't really like about it...
Tim Preisinger Feb 12, 2013
I'm the biggest muscle car guy on earth and for a street car, I would take this any day over a Vette... If I was looking for a track car that's a different story though
Patrick Schalk Feb 12, 2013
Only Vette I would take over this is a C6RS. This thing is so gorgeous. I'll have it in the blue or in white.
Rodrigo Allen Feb 12, 2013
I agree with gray. I think I'd like a darker color with this one.
Ben 'Jammin Peters Feb 12, 2013
Except its more expensive than all of those things. Beautiful car though.
Tyler Tarbox Feb 12, 2013
@Pablo. Yeah obviously. I doubt anyone would take a Vette or GT-R over this
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
Seriously I would take this over any Corvette, GTR, 911
Colin Selby Feb 12, 2013
Come on lotto
Gray Conron Feb 12, 2013
I'm the minority here but I'm not loving the color, I prefer James Bond gray or a dark red on this car.
Craig Lafey Feb 12, 2013
Gorgeous car. Love the color.
Zeus Mocha Feb 12, 2013
I was thinking that as well. Ford's grabber blue is awesome. I wish the ZL1's came in more vibrant colors like the GT500. The blue looks great on this as well. Although I prefer it in white with a red interior.
Aaron Crisp Feb 12, 2013
I agree Lou, like the GT500's. I seriously love it.
Lou Guerrero Feb 12, 2013
Looks a lot like Ford grabber blue.
Ghaith AL-sharari Feb 12, 2013
Only one word could describe this car damn !
Craig Lafey Feb 12, 2013
I want it!!!
Dylan Bruder Feb 12, 2013
I might have to do british racing green
Blaise Harned Feb 12, 2013
That color combo is amazing!!
Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
I like this interior, but that isn't surprising because Id admit I'm a fanboy for this car, but it's very high quality, and looks elegant!
Jake Dula Feb 12, 2013
This is a pretty crappy photo. Most times I'm drooling at this interior, but it's quite underwhelming from this view.
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 12, 2013
I'm not blown away by this interior but I think it's the picture
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Feb 12, 2013
I agree with matt
Matt Piccolo Feb 12, 2013
I'd disagree. This isn't bad but I Astons done better
Adam Thomson Feb 12, 2013
Best interior in an Aston Ever seen