Comments - DRT: Koenigsegg CCR Evo vs. Switzer GT-R

Published: Feb 12, 2013
Description: In stock form, the Koenigsegg CCR packs 816 horsepower and can push 245 mph. German tuner Edo Competition expanded upon these stats, creating the Koenigsegg CCR Evo 817 that can manage an impressive 8...
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Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
This video is kinda old
Description: So can the souped-up supercar killer live up to its reputation, or will the Swedish wizard's first creation reign supreme? Watch the vid to find out.
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Adam Thomson Feb 15, 2013
Den är gammal
Daniel Anglevik Feb 14, 2013
This video is extremly old. From 2008??
Keir Andre Nelson Feb 13, 2013
I'm a gtr fan and I think this was a good challenge for the gtr. Especially considering that this is a light weight speed demon vs. a tech savvy aerodynamic brick. Koenigseggs are great cars. A lot of people like underdogs tho. That's what the gtr is
Ken Kirtland Feb 13, 2013
@matt two things, id buy an agera and beat every car in the world on track and also, the cc8s was 400,000 when it came out so you were just over half a mill off.
Patrick Schalk Feb 13, 2013
Chill Matt. Don't be so butthurt about it
Matt Piccolo Feb 12, 2013
The koineggsegg a new a** hole.
Matt Piccolo Feb 12, 2013
Hmmm. Gtr @ 100k or CCR @ 1 mill. CCRhas the gtr in top end. If it was from a stop, the gtr probably would have won. Hmmm. I'll take the gtr and 900k, buy another 10 cars and put a down payment on a house. And buy a 2000 hp Switzer gtr that will rip
Julian Pilinci Feb 12, 2013
@ David, that was my point. I love the GTR but still it's not in the same territory of the Koenigsegg, despite it's numbers.
Johnny Hoover Feb 12, 2013
If they didn't have a rolling start the gtr would win every time
Robert Young Feb 12, 2013
Looks like a 100+ hp adv to me. But with $900,000 in the aprovements a lot can be done lol
David Lender Feb 12, 2013
@julian. It isn't as much of a supercar as it is a boutique Hypercar.
Tanisha Eleanor Feb 12, 2013
Mint cars,would of been better if they were drifting though but still good cars
Redge Diakité Feb 12, 2013
That V8 sound DAAAAMMMNN
Jimmy Janik Feb 12, 2013
Both stupid fast
Ashton Summers Feb 12, 2013
When all is said and done. In a contest of sitting sill, the Koenigsegg would destroy the GT-R
Patrick Schalk Feb 12, 2013
If I don't get a Venom GT vs Agera R video soon I'm going to lose it.
Ken Lee King Siang Feb 12, 2013
You are going to need a mightier machine to trump the CCX!
Henz Herrero Feb 12, 2013
Im a gtr fanboy and just even looking at the stats made me think its going to be close.. Then they do a rolling and its over unless a driver error happens..
Julian Pilinci Feb 12, 2013
The supercar killer got killed... but is the koenigsegg a supercar?
Danny Scott Feb 12, 2013
@corey. I'm no fan boy but the ccr isn't exactly in the gtr's class when it costs so much more...
Jason Johnson Feb 12, 2013
Oh how I wish he had answered that phone and stuffed it into that pile of dirt.
Anthony Andreotti Feb 12, 2013
From a standstill, the GTR would have wrecked the CCR. Both great cars though
Corey Alan Kelley Feb 12, 2013
All you GTR fan boys making excuses now smh just yesterday nothing could beat that $90k car but today you're saying to put it against a car in its class It looks like a brick compared to the koenigsegg
Oscar Galvan Feb 12, 2013
The gtr truly is a great car but physics just played out
Tn Ng Feb 12, 2013
The gtr's only advantage is on a standing start, but on a rolling start its no match.
Ajaunie Silpot Feb 12, 2013
so they put a car thats close to 1 million price tag to a GT-R, just shows you how great the GTR is
Carlos Dorantes Feb 12, 2013
Ring, ring !! Just called to say "U been served B"
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
I heard of a project called The Goliath which it is said to produce 1,500whp (not crank)
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
*help as much
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
Jesse it was a rolling start so the awd didn't as much, Man would it have been close if it was. James, Switzer never built a 2,000hp GTR, but who knows in the future.
Nick Jones Feb 12, 2013
Stop complaining the Gtr lost haha finally!!!(:
James Snowburg Feb 12, 2013
Switzer has a 2000hp dedicated drag GTR running 8's, I'de like to see the segg trump that. Or even their ultimate daily driver 1500 hp gtr.
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 12, 2013
They didn't launch??
Oleg Odessit Feb 12, 2013
Yeap it dd
Nick Smith Feb 12, 2013
Gtr would've slaughtered from a launch.
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 12, 2013
So Gt-r lost? I'm in school so the damn wifi won't let me on youtube :(
Dylan Bruder Feb 12, 2013
Segg* I came close lol
Dylan Bruder Feb 12, 2013
The ccr sounded amazing it would have been really close if they launched from a standstill I bet but koeniggsigg for the win!
Brad Henson Feb 12, 2013
I wanna see a Race from a dig
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Feb 12, 2013
Han hade inte en chans, as we say in sweden
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
Physics took effects on the GTR now
Carlton Salmon Feb 12, 2013
I love the GT-R to bits, but I'll always love a Koenigsegg more, in whatever form it comes in.
Carlton Green Feb 12, 2013
Wait GTR lost.... But but
Jake Judges Feb 12, 2013
Nick Schnee Feb 12, 2013
That GT-R got destroyed... by a rather old car.
Jean Lejeune Feb 12, 2013
Not working!!!
Ben Knorr Feb 12, 2013
I would love to but... video not working.
Chester Lam Feb 16, 2013
I'll take the agera
Jacob Burford Feb 13, 2013
Difference between this and the GTR is the GTR looks like crap in comparison!
Adam Thomson Feb 12, 2013
Beautiful car
Carlos Dorantes Feb 12, 2013
Dylan Bruder Feb 12, 2013
Can definitely tell where the agera came from
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
What beautiful exotic hypercar
Carlton Salmon Feb 12, 2013
@ Gray. Agreed.
Gray Conron Feb 12, 2013
Gray Conron Feb 12, 2013
Uche Ukaegbu Feb 13, 2013
Jake Judges Feb 12, 2013
And *calm
Jake Judges Feb 12, 2013
Jake Judges Feb 12, 2013
I understand the purpose of a spoiler but they good have found a better looking spoiler that's just as functional come down guys
Nick Smith Feb 12, 2013
Really, do people still don't understand the purpose of a spoiler?
Nick Jones Feb 12, 2013
Shut up in person all if you would drool over this
James Snowburg Feb 12, 2013
This spoiler isn't on this for looks. A true performance car tuner does what is necessary to keep the gtr on the road. I hate big spoilers on stupid ricers because they're not necessary. But it fits here because it helps performance.
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
Whats with that spoiler in a 100k car
Jake Judges Feb 12, 2013
Not a great choice of spoilers