Comments - SsangYong Previews SIV-1 Concept

Published: Feb 11, 2013
Description: There are some automakers that are driven by design, and some which are not. Given its oddly-shaped and often grotesque products, SsangYong isn't an automaker we'd place in the former catego...
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James Salaba Feb 12, 2013
Plus u can always get different engine for the old one!
James Salaba Feb 12, 2013
Exactly the old one is a car the new one is just toy! People forget who's the driver these days! Take all the aids off and you all day in a crash!
James Salaba Feb 12, 2013
To rakesh I read the article so dont know what your problem is! But It is still ugly!!!
Dale Schroeder Feb 12, 2013
Well it's a damn sight better than the Rodius anyway. But then again, a garbage truck looks better than the Rodius so that's not saying much.
Ashton Summers Feb 11, 2013
So much better than what these use to look like.
James Salaba Feb 11, 2013
Mix of juke, Kia, ford, BMW, but somehow nicer then all of them! Production model will never look like this!
Frankie Ferreira Feb 11, 2013
Sportage, Q5
Description: Called the SIV-1, the design incorporates sharp lines, a high belt-line for a low-profile greenhouse, and a tail end that seems to have been been lifted off an Alfa Romeo. All in all it looks like a s...
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Chris Friend Feb 11, 2013
I like the design and if they stick to this philosophy they have a strong potential, especially in the NA Market.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Feb 11, 2013
Far better than the Juke. If they made this now, they could be on to something potentially very successful...
David Guerrero Feb 11, 2013
Looks like a really nice looking Nissan juke (I mean size wise). Not bad for a small family