Comments - Helicopter Crashes on Top Gear South Korea

Published: Feb 11, 2013
Description: A stunt of any kind that involves heavy machinery, such as a Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter, has the potential to go wrong. It doesn't happen often but when it does, the aftermath can potentially be ...
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김동욱 Feb 15, 2013
This happened about a year ago, and Carbuzz made a news about this when this was first happened, but why this is here again?
Jesse Weis Feb 13, 2013
This happened a long time ago, either that, or the same guy was driving the same car on the same show while a helicopter crashed right next to him twice
Raymond Reynoso Feb 12, 2013
All these Top Gear franchises do is replicate original Top Gear stunts.
Tyler Ray DeFord Feb 12, 2013
Tonight on Top Gear North Korea, we tell you why every western car is evil and why you don't need cars. And Kim Jong Un in our reasonably priced bicycle posts a lap time of 1 second.
Rakesh Senthivelan Feb 11, 2013
Top Gear North Korea would be an interesting concept wouldnt it?
Malachi Monteiro Feb 11, 2013
Didn't this happened before.
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 11, 2013
Til there's a top gear Korea
Justin Barter Feb 11, 2013
Wow...Really incredible that there was no serious injury or fatality; Glad to hear it!
Description: It's a stunt we've already seen on the original and US versions of Top Gear, but this time, the helicopter apparently suffered some sort of mechanical or pilot error. The race between the ZR...
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Rick Ross Feb 12, 2013
"Asians are not funny". Good thing that's not racist or anything.
Dennis Choong Feb 12, 2013
@Hovie- I don't think anyone has any funny things to say at that moment when they realize there could be fatalities
Bill Estep Jr Feb 12, 2013
Looks like as he turned the propeller gave out a lil n jus fell or he didn't throttle into the turn
Kaigan Viner Feb 11, 2013
Could have been a mechanical failure because it didn't look like he tried to recover
Jason Brown Feb 11, 2013
Yeah, happened last year. Crash was in the US with an American pilot.
Dylan Bruder Feb 11, 2013
That was pilot error cobras are awesome and love the zr1
Brave Kim Feb 11, 2013
It happened about a year ago.... Hmmm
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 11, 2013
No one was seriously injured just killed
Cian Mac Gearailt Feb 11, 2013
Looks pretty good probably better the us top gear due to adam
Xavier McDaniel Feb 11, 2013
The drivers reaction is sorta saddening how he is speechless then runs to help.
Jesse Jalapeno Feb 11, 2013
I agree with Brandon
Terrance Parker Feb 11, 2013
Oh Shhh}%£!!
Brent Moulton Feb 11, 2013
Of course BBC
Brandon Largent Feb 11, 2013
I never did understand why they put these races on. If you want to impress me, have it to where the cobra can fire at the car. If the car can put run the bullets and missiles, then you've accomplished something. Hahaha.
Judah Lindvall Feb 11, 2013
This has nothing to do with Russia lol and yes this is the same crash
Logan Bartnick Feb 11, 2013
These military heli's are made to be shot at, and be able to protect the pilots in case of an emergency. I am glad the guys are all safe.
Logan Bartnick Feb 11, 2013
Russian military vehicles crash soldiers.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Feb 11, 2013
Lol woah!
Drew Humphrey Feb 11, 2013
@Tyler No Russians don't crash their military vehicles
Ryan Lopez Feb 11, 2013
Dang dude was speechless
Tyler Wiedenhoeft Feb 11, 2013
Figured this would have happened in Russia
Ryan Spencer Feb 11, 2013
Yea I think so.
John Koci Feb 11, 2013
So is this the same crash from last March on TG Korea?
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Feb 11, 2013
It's actually good that they kept it in the scene. Exactly what top gear would've done but unlucky for the pilot. He must've been told.. Here race this vette. He lost control bad through the end
Max Müller Feb 13, 2013
Eurocopter ftw!
Taylor J. Blake Feb 12, 2013
Chinook FTW
Pablo Herasme Feb 12, 2013
Without these, Apaches would have been RC toys
Jacob Burford Feb 12, 2013
Cool chopper, but the apache is way cooler!
Scuttle Buttocks Feb 11, 2013
Kiowa FTW
Jordan Smith Feb 11, 2013
Black hawks over everything!
Johnny Matias Feb 11, 2013
Cobras are older and cheaper than Apaches. And apaches are awesomer.
Ben Knorr Feb 11, 2013
same here
Jacob Viiper McCord Feb 11, 2013
I like these over apaches
Ryan Lopez Feb 11, 2013
Like it matters at this point
Pablo Herasme Feb 11, 2013
Jack whats wrong with a cobra