Comments - Bugatti Type 59 Marks 80th Birthday

Published: Feb 11, 2013
Description: There are road cars and there are race cars. The boundaries between them can often seem quite narrow, even porous at times, but the Bugatti Veyron is a perfect example of a car that belongs firmly in ...
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Zach Gathercole Feb 11, 2013
Rather have this than the veyron
James Salaba Feb 11, 2013
Speechless! The car took my breath away!
Adam Thomson Feb 11, 2013
Want to drive this to Monaco
John M Weishahn Feb 11, 2013
Oh glory...
Jackson Michael Feb 11, 2013
Let me inside you
Description: Only eight examples were made. One rests (alongside a Bugatti Atlantic, a Ferrari GTO and a McLaren F1) in the esteemed collection of Ralph Lauren. Now Bugatti, marking the 80th anniversary of the Ty...
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Thibault Leroy Feb 11, 2013
I was at the show and i saw the car, it was beautiful
Domenic Sergi-Holt Feb 11, 2013
Of course Ralph Lauren has one. He has one of the most exclusive collections in the world.
Description: Changing regulations made it obsolete almost as soon as it was introduced, with modifications failing to keep up with a newer generation of competitors from Germany and Italy that were often supported...
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Carlton Salmon Feb 12, 2013
@ Nick. As Lou mentioned, the second epoch of racing, as in after the war. The Silver Arrows from Mercedes were still a formidable force in racing up until the horrific crash in 1955 where more than 80 people died.
Ryan Lopez Feb 12, 2013
Till the d type and the crash at le mans
Lou Guerrero Feb 11, 2013
Yeah, the silver arrow pretty much owned the second epoch of racing
Jordan Nishida Mar 06, 2013
Beautifully redefined
Carlton Salmon Feb 12, 2013
Who cares if it never won a race - just look at it!
Steven Luginsland Feb 11, 2013
Absolutely beautiful...
John M Weishahn Feb 11, 2013
David Lee Feb 11, 2013
Drop dead gorgeous.